2022 Nomination of Golf Club Officials update

As announced on 31stJanuary, Desert Springs is holding its eighteenth annual election for members to choose a Vice-Captain, Treasurer, a Fixtures & Events Supporter and two members each for the Club’s Handicap and Competition Committees, for the period 1st April 2022 through 31st March 2023. All members were sent a ‘Desert Springs Golf Club Officials Election Nomination Form’ and copies have been displayed at the resort reception in the Club House.

Simon Coaker, Director of Golf commented,

“We are advising the membership of the nominations received to date as we believe that this will assist in the process and remove uncertainty as to whether anyone has been nominated for any particular role already or not.”

To date the following persons have accepted their nomination and secondment to be put forward for election: 


Vice- Captain

Nicola McKemmie Watson

Paul Taylor

Lynne Taylor

Competitions Committee
Competitions Committee
Handicap Committee

Chris Robinson

Robert Wallace

David Garnett

Handicap Committee
Fixtures & Events Supporter   

Sue Garrod

Paul Taylor

Gail McKemmie Watson


Richard Fuller Chris Robinson

 Kirby Garrod


With eight (8) days remaining, please remember that all completed nomination forms must be returned by hand, e-mail, or post to the resort reception to arrive no later than 17.00 hrs. on Monday 28thFebruary.

Immediately after the closing date for the presentation of Nomination Forms, each member will be sent a ‘Voting Form’ identifying those persons going forward for election to each position.

All completed voting forms must then be returned to the Clubhouse at Desert Springs by 17.00 hrs. on Thursday 31stMarch, again, by hand, e-mail or post. Following the verification of the validity of the voting forms submitted and their counting, the names of the successful candidates elected for office by the membership will be announced.