Ambera to develop ‘Active Adult Community’ at Desert Springs Resort


You will all have received the joint, initial Press Release from Desert Springs SL (Desert Springs) and Ambera Caravaca SL (Ambera) introducing the intention of Ambera to create and deliver an ‘Active Adult Community’ at Desert Springs Resort.

I would like to take this opportunity to provide additional information on this exciting and positive news to give a wider explanation to all Property Owners at Desert Springs as to what it might mean to both themselves and Desert Springs Resort.

Desert Springs was first introduced to the concept of an ‘Active Adult Community’ in February 2019 with negotiations between us and the Directors of Ambera proceeding in earnest from June to November. The synergy between Desert Springs and Ambera through this period has been excellent as we have come to know each other, and it became evident that they shared the same qualitative aims as Desert Springs. The best way to present what the concept means is to refer you to their website, and to a series of five articles published that explain what Ambera consider the most important aspects of ‘How To Build A Community’.

To view each article simply click onto it:

  1. Defining what kind of community we wish to foster
  2. Choosing the right plot of land
  3. Building suitable facilities
  4. Building high-quality homes
  5. Filling our Ambera Community with life

Having viewed 50+ Resorts, Ambera had been looking to select a Resort at which to launch their concept for over two years to their prospective clients throughout the UK, Northern & Western Europe. It is no exaggeration to say that, from the moment they first viewed Desert Springs, this is where they wanted to be. They appreciated all the benefits already available to purchasers at Desert Springs when deciding to invest in a new or resale property. They also believe that they can bring something extra and different from which we can all benefit. The more visits they have made to Desert Springs, the more they have enjoyed all aspects of the Resort, which only goes to support the strategic decision we have made together.

Ambera and their legal advisors, have carried out extensive Due Diligence on Desert Springs which has been successfully concluded. All that being said, it is very important to understand that the current arrangement between Desert Springs and Ambera is one of cooperation and collaboration. At this time Ambera has not purchased any land from Desert Springs; they need to sell sufficient residential off plan property before they do so.

Having appointed the Desert Springs Project Architect, Lucas Marquenie, in collaboration with a Madrid based Architect, Ambera are working up designs for three plots of land:

  1. Tomahawk – located between Buenavista and Desert Drive
  2. AltaVista Trail – located between AltaVista and Desert Drive
  3. The Golf Suites – located between the 3rd hole and a re-aligned Flat Bends, between Oro del Desierto and Rocking Chair Gate

These locations provide 195 residential units, the greater majority of which are apartments and townhouses. One of the key reasons for Ambera to select Desert Springs is the quality of architecture and coherence of external appearance that we all appreciate, and this is something to which they wish to and are required to adhere in their designs.

In parallel with this, they are working on a multitude of other matters relating to finance, legals and marketing that need to be resolved – they have much to do and Desert Springs is assisting insofar as it is able and as is contemplated in our agreements with them.

Bearing in mind that Ambera commence full scale marketing of their product in early Spring 2020, the most optimistic date for construction commencing is 4Q20 and is more likely to be 2Q21, on the basis that they secure sufficient sales – something they are very positive about. They fully understand and accept that, when land is purchased, they are obliged to become part of the Main Community, forming their own individual Communities; their lawyers have carried out Due Diligence on the form of the Main Community and Residential Communities to their full satisfaction.

The Desert Springs Golf Club shall continue to be owned and managed by Desert Springs and with respect to Golf Club Membership and use of existing Resort Facilities, Ambera Purchaser´s will have the same benefits as a first time Purchaser when buying from Desert Springs – no more or less.

Desert Springs will continue to promote and market its own residential properties and will maintain its Sales Office in the Club House. Similarly, Playas del Almanzora will continue to provide Property Management Services and to promote and market holidays – Ambera will not be involved in this – and the restaurants will continue under the management of Frank and his team.

With regard to their Activity Centre, fundamental to their concept, we have agreed with Ambera that the very initial, but temporary, location will be adjacent to the practice chipping green – for those of you that have been Owners long enough, the location of the initial Marquee Club House back in the early 2000’s. Ambera will lease this location and provide a Marquee as before.

Following their visit last week, the delivery of this facility is something they want to get on with and have ready to coincide with their marketing launch. It will become the centre for their On-Resort operations and is a facility that will be open to all Property Owner´s at Desert Springs. Ambera are working up their ideas as to how this will function and operate; as information becomes available, it will be issued to you all.

Ambera have already met a number of Owners, when at Desert Springs last week for initial filming, and they will become regular visitors going forward. I have asked that they join me to be available for a number of informal discussions when we are both at Desert Springs with any interested Property Owner´s on resort at the time, which they are happy to do. You will be advised of dates as diaries are finalised, hopefully starting in January – I very much hope that these discussions will be well attended.

The recent announcement is something to be welcomed. When the Ambera project begins to realise its potential, it will provide growth and increasing facilities on the Resort, with an increase in footfall for existing facilities finally enabling their expansion and improvement, following a long and difficult period since the 2007/8 recession.


For further information contact:

Simon Coaker

+34 950 091 531