Christmas Offers

Buying a Christmas present for the golfer who has everything is not easy! Let Desert Springs Golf Club suggest a few ideas……

How about the ‘GASP Experience’?  Available from now until the end of February 2007, this special coaching package offers you the unique benefits of the GASP system at the Golf Academy.  Including two 30 minute sessions in the Golf Academy’s state-of-the-art GASP video analysis studio and a 30 minute ‘Winter Service’ for your clubs (including a specification check of your golf clubs), this fantastic package is an invaluable gift to any golfer!   Available exclusively to Members and Property Owners for only 50 Euros.

If your personal golfing companion is looking a bit jaded, then why not brighten up their golf clubs with some FunkyGrips?  A new type of grip, looking just like a regular grip, apart, that is, from the amazing range of bright colours they are available in; yellow, red, orange, green, blue and white. These grips are priced at just 9.50 Euros, including fitting.

If you just daren’t flash up their clubs, then how about their wardrobe?  The current ranges of Ralph Lauren, Ashworth and Desert Springs Lifestyle clothing are just as great as ever and now, for the Christmas period, you could qualify for a 50 Euro voucher!  Until the end of January 2007, for every purchase over 150 Euros made in the Golf Boutique or Golf Academy Shop, you will receive a voucher giving you 50 Euros off you next purchase.

Still stuck for ideas? Then simply purchase a Desert Springs Golf Voucher from Golf Reception and allow your partner to choose for themselves the gift they really want!   Vouchers are available in 10, 20, 50 and 100 Euro denominations.

For further information contact: Golf Reception
Tel: +34 637 861 591