Competitions Committee

Dear Members and Property Owners,


We are pleased to announce some changes that we trust will be well received by the members and encourage more participation in events.


Thursday Competition


Members may now enter the Thursday competition in two ways:


1. By entering their name in the competition book held at the Golf Reception indicating that they wish to be included in the draw for the pre-booked tee times from 10.00 am.


2. By entering their name in the competition book held at the Golf Reception, but then booking their own tee time. 

Whichever option you choose, you must have entered and paid the entry fee of 3 euros no later than mid-day on the Tuesday prior to the competition.


Please note that later entries will not be accepted.


Prior to 25th March, all completed competition cards must be signed and returned to the Golf Reception by

16.00 hrs.  This is because all RFEG competition results must be sent to the Federation on the day of the competition.

When the Golf Reception opens for Summer hours after 26th March, completed cards must be returned by

18.00 hrs.


The competition result will be posted the following day in the lobby area between the changing rooms. Prizes – in one category only – will reflect the number of entries and will be available for collection from the Golf Reception.

As a reminder, we wish to advise that the competition on the first Thursday of each month will be Medal format. The other Thursday competitions will be Stableford format.


All other Tournament Calendar Competitions


From today’s date, the closing date for all other competitions will now be mid-day two days before the competition date not the day prior to the competition.


This will give the Golf Reception team an extra day to process entries, post start times and prepare score cards. This will allow competitors to be advised earlier of their tee time and plan the day accordingly.


We wish to wish you a great golfing year and we look forward to seeing you at the resort.