Desert Springs Resort COVID-19 Closure Update



Dear Property Owner,

Most important and on behalf of everyone at Desert Springs Resort, I trust that you and your family are all healthy and well.

I wanted to write to you to let you know what has been happening at Desert Springs.

The Coronavirus pandemic is presenting a difficult and challenging situation to the world right now and will continue to do so for the foreseeable months ahead. It has created significant governmental, medical, social and economic challenges that are having a dramatic effect on all our lives.

Regarding Spain, you are all, I am sure, aware of the general picture. A “State of Alert” (SoA) was declared on 14th March and currently runs through to the 13th April with the general expectation that it will be extended for a minimum of fourteen days. The SoA imposed significant travel restrictions, social distancing measures and civil liberty restrictions; specifying which sectors of the economy could and could not continue to operate and gave the National and Local Police and Armed Forces significant powers of enforcement.

Sadly, the infection and mortality figures for Spain are currently the highest in Europe. The figures for the weekend are giving some hope that the “lock down” arising from the SoA is beginning to have a positive effect on the daily increase in these figures. Within Spain, the Province of Almeria has amongst the lowest infection and mortality rates and the Almanzora Valley amongst the lowest within the Province; long may this remain so. I can also advise that, to date, I am not aware of any member of staff or property owner becoming infected.

For me, it is a certainty that significant international and national travel restrictions and other requirements of the SoA will remain in place during April, May and June and with an increasing likelihood of continuation in some form or other in the months beyond.

As a direct and mandatory consequence of all the above, Desert Springs Resort is shut down for the duration of the SoA and the difficult, but unavoidable action, of suspending the employment contracts of 50 members of staff, the majority of the work force, was taken on 18th March.

Other decisions taken to date, and/or as yet to be decided, in formulating a Business Continuity Plan are as follows:

  1. Pending confirmation from the Government that we are permitted to do so, the Golf Club, gym and tennis courts will reopen within 3 working days of the SoA being lifted.
  2. A News Flash will be issued closer to re-opening providing further information on availability, access and guidelines introduced with respect to conditions of play to be followed by golfers on course etc.
  3. Maintenance of the golf course has continued with a much-reduced staffing level. I am also pleased to advise that our new Head Greenkeeper, Zachary Ward, arrived on 1st April to take up his position.
  4. Pending confirmation from the Government that we are permitted to do so, The Lodge will re-commence accepting holiday clients from Saturday, 27th June, but not before. We are working with our existing clients to rebook for later in 2020 or 2021. Indications are that we will have a high success rate with this.
  5. Similarly, El Torrente will also re-open on Saturday, 27th June, but no food and beverage service will be provided before then. A News Flash will be issued nearer to this date detailing the opening hours and service to be provided.
  1. Likewise, throughout July and August, the Crocodile Club Restaurant, El Chiringuito Pool and Pool Bar, the Las Sierras Club and Children’s Club will be open on a reduced basis.
  2. Despite the slightest interruption, Property Management Services will continue to be provided, as following a Government decree on 5th April, we are now permitted to bring back garden and pool maintenance to full staffing from Monday, 13th
  3. Community Administration continues to be provided. As to the Main Community functions, essential services such as maintenance of the Biotrit equipment and water deposits has continued and the Vigilantes have been able to work normally. The President is working with the Administrator to provide a comprehensive update on Main Community matters to all Owners.
  4. Construction works to complete pre-sold property and the 6 apartments in Las Sierras del Desierto are also now permitted to recommence on 13th
  5. Ambera’s launch delayed until September. They remain totally committed to and positive about their future relationship with Desert Springs.
  6. All the Public Facilities of the Resort have to be prepared to ensure the safety and welfare of all staff, owners and visitors in terms of public gatherings, social distancing, preventative measures and the like. Given the importance of tourism to the Spanish economy, we must anticipate that there will be new regulations and restrictions in place at different times going forward.
  7. We have to put in place the Resort’s own specific COVID-19 guidance and requirements.
  8. Marketing Plans for 2020 and 2021 have to be updated to reflect all the above and what is likely to be a slow return of visitors being able, willing and having the confidence to travel.

Our ability to implement all or any of the above is clearly subject to possible rapid change depending on future Government imposed restrictions and World Health Organisation recommendations.

Rest assured, my team is working hard and with optimism to prepare Desert Springs for the future. I will provide further updates as we move forward. Please also check our website –   for updates and Newsflashes.

In the meantime, I would thank you all for your support and understanding in these unprecedented times.

Please look after yourselves and we look forward to seeing you at the Resort one day soon.

Best regards

Peter Goodhall


For further information:

Peter Goodhall
+ 34 950 091 554