Desert Springs to Host 2022 European Tour Qualifying School Secound Stage




Due to the success of hosting the event in previous years, Desert Springs Resort entered into an agreement to be host to the European Tour Qualifying School 2nd Stage through to and inclusive of 2022. Due to Covid-19, the scheduled dates for the event to be held in 2020 and 2021 were postponed and consequently our agreement with the European Tour has been extended through to 2024.

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Desert Springs Resort will be host to the European Tour Qualifying School Second Stage between Thursday 3rd – Sunday 6th November 2022.

Desert Springs Director of Golf, Simon Coaker remarked: –

“Obviously it is imperative that we give our property owners and members as much notice as possible of the programme of events, enabling them to plan their holidays accordingly.

Therefore, please see below the schedule for the 2022 European Tour Qualifying School Second Stage.

  • Tuesday 1st November                    Official Practice Day
  • Wednesday 2nd November             Official Practice Day
  • Thursday 3rd November                  Tournament Round 1
  • Friday 4th November                       Tournament Round 2
  • Saturday 5th November                   Tournament Round 3
  • Sunday 6th November                     Tournament Round 4
  • Monday 7th November                    Course Reserved in case of bad weather

We wish to advise all of our members and property owners that the Indiana Course and Academy of Golf is closed for the duration of the event.

Monday 7th November is reserved in case of bad weather and the need for the event to be played with an extra day. Please be advised that in accordance with the tournament schedule, that if all tournament rounds are completed at the end of Sunday 6th November that both the Indiana course and Academy of Golf will be fully open for general play and practice in the normal manner on Monday 7th November.

Since 1976, The European Tour Qualifying School has been held at the end of each season to establish which players, not otherwise exempt, will gain their playing privileges on the Tour for the following season through a qualifying competition.

It’s a tough school for one of golf’s most coveted prizes, namely Membership of The European Tour and a place among the golfing elite. The Qualifying School is held in three stages – dependent on the individual’s status – at a series of venues in the UK and Continental Europe. In the region of 1,000 competitors enter the Qualifying School each year, all aiming for a European Tour card, awarded to the top 25 and ties following the Final Stage.

A player progressing through all three stages will have to play 252 holes under the most intense pressure.

The leading 25 players (plus those tied for 25th place) will earn Category 15 Membership of The European Tour for the following season.