Golf Club Hours

Desert Springs Golf Club has today announced its official opening hours for the Clubhouse Reception and Caddy Master Office, applicable from Monday 30th June 2014 – Monday 29th June 2015.


Period                            Golf Clubhouse Reception         Caddy Master Office

30th Jun – 14th Sept          08:00 hrs. until 19:00 hrs.          07:45 hrs. until 19:30 hrs.

15th Sep – 02nd Nov          08:00 hrs. until 17:00 hrs.           07:45 hrs. until 17:00 hrs.

03rd Nov – 01st Mar 2015   08:00 hrs. until 17:00 hrs.           07:45 hrs. until 17:00 hrs.

1st Apr – 29th Jun 2015      08:00 hrs. until 19:00 hrs.           07:45 hrs. until 19:30 hrs.


The first tee time available for reservation for the Indiana course when the Clubhouse Reception is open from 08:00 hrs. will be 08.08 hrs.


All rental equipment; Golf buggies, electric trolleys, pull trolleys, rental sets and mountain bikes, must be returned to the Caddy Master building in the normal manner.


Golf Operations Manager Neil Evans remarked:


“The Club has recently recruited an additional member of staff for both the Golf Reception and Caddy Masters Office to reflect its desire to provide opening hours to meet with the increase in numbers of golfers we have experienced visiting Desert Springs to play the Indiana course. The introduction of the timetable reflects the pattern of seasonal golfing activity and has been designed to maximize playing time available.”


As always, simply reserve your tee time in advance or come to the golf reception in the Clubhouse to register in the normal manner.


*All schedules are subject to change for organised tournaments and events; please check.