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Dear Member / Property Owner,

The current Desert Springs tournament calendar for 2009 had been designed by the Club and its elected officers to reflect the established pattern and frequency of visits to the Resort experienced during different periods over recent years and the degree of consistency of interest and support for the events demonstrated by our members and owners.

In their Committee meeting of the 14th April, the Club’s officers and officials agreed to make some additions and amendments to the calendar of events for the remainder of the year in order to encourage and foster a continuation of the support demonstrated to date by all concerned and to ensure the continued success and growth of the Club. Bearing in mind that all property owners and members need to have as much notice as possible of any changes to the programme of golf events to enable them to plan particular holidays accordingly, we wish to inform you of the following changes to the calendar of events.

Please note that you can download the updated 2009 Desert Springs Golf Club Tournament Calendar from within ‘The Golfing Year’ section of our official website by clicking here.



Amendments & Additions to

The Desert Springs Golf Club Tournament Calendar 2009

‘The Professionals Challenge Cup’ has been rescheduled for Saturday 25th July.

‘The Constitution Cup’ has been rescheduled for Thursday 8th October.

‘The Past Captains Team Challenge’ has been scheduled for Tuesday 20th October.

The ‘Sir Ian Botham Charity Golf Classic’ has been scheduled for
Friday 9th & Saturday 10th October.

‘Bradley’s Hugs Fun Tournament’ has been scheduled for Tuesday 30th December.

Further information on these events and how to enter will be distributed shortly and in the normal manner, entrance forms for all of these tournaments will be available at the golf reception.


The Desert Springs Golf Club Tournament Calendar 2010

It is the intention and wish of the clubs’ committee and management to continue to raise the profile of the Club and encourage the support of Club tournaments by all golfers, both members of Desert Springs Golf Club and guests and visitors and to do this by providing a full, balanced and well organised calendar of events.

Therefore the projected 2010 calendar has also been reviewed and compiled to take account of those tournaments, which have proven to be well supported and to schedule the events for times of the year, when a high number of members are generally at the resort. Again this has been done in full consultation between the elected officers and the officials of the Club and following a review of the Tournament Calendar for 2008 and 2009 to date, including analysis of the events that were played, of when they were played and the number of entrants that competed.

You can download the agreed preliminary 2010 Desert Springs Golf Club Tournament Calendar from within ‘The Golfing Year’ section of our official website by clicking here.

We hope the schedule of events fits well with any travel arrangements you are planning to make for next year.

You will be able to keep up to date with the full tournament and social schedule, format and any additions, information of how to enter, and much, much more by visiting either our official website or alternatively whilst at the Resort, reading the notice boards in the locker rooms in the Clubhouse.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Desert Springs in the near future.

Kind regards

Simon Coaker
Director of Golf



For further information contact: Golf Reception
Telephone: +34 637 861 591