Golf Course Services

Dear Members / Property Owners, 


Between January to September 2013, in comparison to the same period of 2012, Desert Springs Golf Club has benefited from a 41% increase in the number of golf rounds played on The Indiana course, in the present economic climate a great achievement for all! 

This increase in rounds played has continued into October, a time in particular which is customarily extremely popular for property owners and members to return to the Club to play some social golf and to participate in a host of Club tournaments; The Constitution Cup, Desert Classic, Autumn Trophy, Captain’s Charity Day, Past Captains Team Challenge & Golf 4 Women Winter Golf Festival. 

This increase in rounds of golf played, particularly at this time of the year, has resulted in an increase in demand for the rental and use of golf buggies. The current Golf Buggy Reservation Rules does not permit the advance reservation of a golf buggy. Consequently, we have found, in particular, that those players with physical restrictions have, on occasion, been either unable to play at their preferred tee time, or on occasion when all of the golf buggy’s have been rented out, not at all. 

In recognition of the Club’s desire to ensure as much as possible that golfers with physical restrictions have access to the use of a golf buggy for their round, it has decided to amend the current Golf Buggy Reservation Rules. 

Specifically, a player that provides the Club with a Doctor’s Certificate will be able, subject to availability, to reserve a Golf Buggy up to 90 days in advance of the date of play. Payment for the golf buggy must be made at the time of reservation. 

For the purpose of discouraging misuse of this facility, depriving other players of the opportunity to rent or incurring losses to the Club, any player who cancels their buggy reservation within 7 days prior to the date of the reservation made will automatically cause that player to forfeit the full cost of the golf buggy rental fee paid at the time of booking. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you need any further clarification regards the new rule above.


Kind Regards,

Martin Brännström

Golf Operations Manager