Golf Vouchers

Through-out the year many of you will have played the Indiana Course and arrived at the 14th Hole, ‘Tiburon’, to be greeted by a lovely golf receptionist offering you the rare chance of doubling your money! You will have had a go at the ‘14th Hole Gamble’. A unique gamble by where it was impossible to lose any money, but by simply hitting your tee shot onto the green (which is only 140 metres away!) you would double your original bet.

Win or lose at this gamble, you would have received a voucher for use in the Golf Boutique or Golf Academy Shop valid for that day only. As you were informed at the time of the gamble and as a special courtesy to all members of Desert Springs Golf Club, the expiry date of the voucher you would have received was extended to the end of this year, up to and including 31st December 2006; thus, giving you the chance to accumulate vouchers for use against higher valued goods.

By way of this communication, I would like to remind all of you who have not yet redeemed your vouchers that you only have a little over a week left to do so before they expire and that, unfortunately, the expiry date cannot be extended any further.

So dig out those vouchers and treat yourself, or maybe even someone else, to something nice!

For further information contact: Golf Reception
Tel: +34 627 484 460