Green Fee Offers

Desert Springs has today circulated to all members and owners the ‘2008 Non Resident Members Extra Rounds, Members Guests & Non Member Property Owner Green Fee Offers’. It has also been posted within the Owners section of our official web site.

Director of Golf, Simon Coaker remarked:

"In light of comments concerning the obscurity and complexity of the various special offers in respect of green fees for members and their guests, it has been decided to simplify and boil them down into a simpler more user friendly format.

These simplified green fee offers supersede those referred to in the letter sent in December to all members that accompanied the “2008 Public Golf Green Fees & Buggy Hire” sheet.

The seasonal offers are ultimately designed to encourage use of the golf course during certain periods, when use is bound to be low, i.e., from mid afternoon and towards dusk in the autumn and winter and during the heat of the day in the summer.  The green fees offered for these periods are intended to compensate players for using the course at times when weather conditions are less than perfect.  

However, the present spare capacity on the course at certain times of the day, and year, has for the time being enabled these offers to be extended both in season, e.g. most of December, and also to begin earlier in the day, as well as including the extra incentives of being accounted for as half a round only for Non-Resident Members or attracting free use of a golf buggy for Resident Members.

The year-round Non Resident Members Extra Rounds offer of up to 35 extra rounds is intended to smooth the transition from the end of the 40 rounds included in the individual membership package, up to the point where full Resort Resident Membership becomes a more economic way of playing.  In all circumstances these rates are less than those applicable to the public, including golf societies.

The offer of green fees discounted from the public rate for Non Member Property Owners is intended to recognise the special relationship of all property owners at Desert Springs with the golf course, even though they do not play enough to warrant being a Member.

We sincerely hope that the simplification and publication of the fees in this form helps to clarify the benefits offered.   To take advantage of them, simply reserve your tee time in advance or come to the golf reception in the Clubhouse to register in the normal manner and enjoy!

For further information contact: Lina Rodriquez – Club Secretary
Telephone: (+34) 627 435 343