Members Handicap

The Club has been asked to issue the following statement made by Paul Taylor, a member of the Handicaps Committee acting on its behalf,

“Dear Member,

All Desert Springs members are reminded that if you have a Spanish Federation Handicap and another "Home" handicap that you are asked to produce your "Home" handicap certificate before you enter a Desert Springs Club Competition at Desert Springs in 2009. (This can be in the form of a link to a sanctioned website where a handicap is administered by the Member’s Club). This is so that the Handicap Committee can review handicaps which may be different in the two different locations and make an adjustment accordingly. It would help the committee if these can be produced as soon as possible after renewal of your Club Membership. "

For more information, please contact Handicap Committee Members Paul Taylor and Gerald Tompkins.

The Handicaps Committee.”


For further information contact: Handicaps Committee
Telephone: +44  (0) 1277 286 120