Nature’s Natural Neem Products

We are pleased to announce that a new organic range of health and beauty skincare products for both men and women are now available to purchase from Desert Springs.

Nature’s Natural Products have produced an organic range of health products using the “Divine” Neem Tree. Cold pressed Neem oil and Neem extracts combined with other natural ingredients and herbal fragrances are used in this reasonably priced skincare range now available as a special introductory offer.

Known colloquially in Asia and Africa as the ‘Village Pharmacy’, the Neem tree is revered for its curative properties. Desert Springs is proud to offer this range of Neem products that contribute to human well being, plant nutrition and growth and animal health, as well as environmental conservation and sustainability of other cultures.

We are all aware of the many hazards of man-made chemicals and that it is right to search out natural alternatives such as Neem to help maintain the ecology of our planet and contribute to a reduction in the use of carbon based products, no matter in how small a way.

The following products are just some that are included in the extensive Nature’s Natural Product range:

AloeNeem Aftershave Lotion – A pure natural lotion with aloe vera, neem and sesame oils, cucumber and papaya extracts, basil water and neroli. Ideal as an aftershave or simply as a light moisturiser, to protect the skin from dryness and keep you feeling fresh.

NeemGuard – A natural insect repellent cream, effective against most insect pests; leaves your skin feeling soft and moist.

Neem Under Eye Cream – A soothing gentle nourishing eye care cream. Natural formulation with neem and other natural extracts helps to reduce the signs and effects of tired and stressed eyes.

Neem Psoriasis Cream – Neem based cream developed specifically for the relief and therapeutic treatment of psoriasis, eczema and other irritating skin conditions.

Neem: ‘A tree for solving Global problems’, The National Research Council (USA)

For further information please enquire at the Marquee or the Desert Springs Shop on Mojacar Playa.

For further information contact: Karen Kelliher
Telephone: +34 610 944 494