Ryder Cup Event

It is with great disappointment that we must inform you that we have received notification from the management of La Cala Resort that their Club Captain Bryan Gray has decided to withdraw La Cala from the La Cala versus Desert Springs Ryder Cup Match event that was scheduled for Saturday 12th July, 2008. The reason we have been given is that they are unable to confirm a team.

A team from Desert Springs had visited La Cala Resort on June 1st to compete in the ‘IX Dia del Interclub’ tournament and, as previously reported, Desert Springs were victorious! At that event, several members from La Cala had commented to our members on just how much they were looking forward to visiting Desert Springs to compete in the Ryder Cup event, which of course makes their cancellation all the more disappointing.

It is a great shame, after all the efforts made by our Club Captain and the Competitions Committee to put a team together to represent Desert Springs, that we now have to cancel all those arrangements and we apologize for any inconvenience that the cancellation of this event may cause.

For further information contact: Alfonso Castiñera
E-mail: acm@almanzora.com
Telephone: +34 670 613 900