A Golf Oasis in the Desert!

  • From: Adam S
  • Date: Monday 9th February 2020
  • Subject: A Golf Oasis in the Desert!

A Golf Oasis in the Desert!

A short and convenient journey from one of its many surrounding airports, tucked away near the South East Coast of Spain lies a mesmerising golf resort, full of beauty and wonder.

The luscious 18 holes meticulously trimmed and refined for its guests to enjoy, the cactus plants stand tall and proud as the January sun casts a shadow over the 18th, a perfect spot to enjoy a beer and watch your comrades finish their round.

The sun still beaming strongly entices us to relax on the clubhouse terrace, the meandering ducks around us seem to be doing the same.

The friendly staff full of competence and knowledge add to the enjoyment of our stay.

Dining at the restaurant is also an absolute pleasure, the beef in the stew so tender it melts in the mouth, the fish so fresh and full of taste it need not anything but a light squeeze of lemon to tickle the senses, the vegetable cookery so precise it was even easy for my 5 year old son to enjoy.

A short walk back to our villa, which overlooks the golf course, still in warm temperatures we sit by the pool under the night sky peppered with stars.

Our spacious villa full of comfort instantly transcends the mind into relaxation, away from the noisy world we all desired to run away from.

Exactly what the Doctor ordered. I look forward to my next stay here!