Your invitation to the Ambera presentation evening at Desert Springs Resort




Dear Owner,

Further to the announcement that Desert Springs S.L. (Desert Springs) and Ambera Caravaca S.L. (Ambera) had entered into cooperation and collaboration agreements to enable Ambera to launch the ‘Active Adult Community’ concept at Desert Springs Resort, it has been pleasing to see that the reaction has been one of both positivity and enthusiasm, with owners looking forward to having the opportunity of meeting new people and developing new friendships with the added benefit of the opportunity of engaging within more activities whilst at Desert Springs.

As we previously advised, due to the onset of Covid-19 back in March 2020, the launch of the ‘Active Adult Community’ scheduled for the Spring of 2020 was unfortunately postponed.

Through this difficult time for all, Ambera have remained fully committed to Ambera @ Desert Springs. They have continued to work closely with ourselves on all matters related to the development of concept to product design and marketing to delivery. We can now advise that their Press Launch of the “Active Adult Community” was released to the Norwegian market in June and has received an extremely positive response. In the coming months this will be extended to other European Countries within the Ambera marketing strategy, with Sales anticipated to commence late August onwards.

With this positive news, Ambera wish to extend a personal invitation to all Property Owners at Desert Springs to attend an informal presentation, the first of which is to be held at the Crocodile Club on Friday 15th October at 19:00hrs.

The presentation agenda includes;

  • Welcome address from Peter Goodhall and introduction to the Ambera Team
  • Ambera Movie
  • Ambera Presentation
  • Q & A Session
  • Drinks and Canapes

The presentation will provide a platform for Ambera to provide additional information and a wider explanation to all interested Property Owners at Desert Springs as to what the ‘Active Adult Community’ concept will mean to both themselves and Desert Springs Resort.

I very much hope that you will be able to attend the evening and kindly request that you confirm your attendance by email at

In the knowledge that this date may not suit your travel plans to Desert Springs, please note that this is to be the first of a small number of such evenings to be scheduled throughout the year and you will be advised of future dates as diaries are finalised.