2012 Membership Renewal


We are fast approaching that time of the year when annual Golf Membership Subscription renewal notices for 2012 will be sent to all current Golf Club members.

The Club would like to take this opportunity to remind any member considering the non-renewal of their membership of their right to use the facility of Nomination for Resort membership, as described within the Desert Springs Golf Club Rules and in accordance with Rule 4.9.1:

  • Nomination for Resort /Almanzora Bay membership may only be exercised by the registered owners (the “Nominators”) of each entire residential property, (the “Property Owning Qualification” or “POQ”) acting unanimously.

In such a case it would mean that the member does not lose their right to membership, they would pass their Membership benefits for that particular year to a Nominee, who would make payment for the relevant Annual Subscription Fee accordingly.

This option provides an extended benefit to the current member in respect to them having the opportunity of renewing themselves the following year should their circumstances change.

The Club is there to assist as much as possible and as such holds a registry of Nominators and people interested in becoming Nominees.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact me personally.



For further information contact: José Ignacio Olea
Email: jioz@almanzora.com
Telephone: +34 670 613 900