Golf Course Superintendent Newsletter



JULY 2023

Dear Member / Property Owner,

Following on from the last quarters Golf Course Superintendent’s Newsletter, which was designed to keep you up to date with all the important maintenance procedures which were scheduled to take place on The Indiana Course between April – June, we are pleased to be able to give you an update on the works carried out and to inform you of the schedule of works which shall take place in the next quarter of 2023.


Cleaning of Desert Native Areas and Detailing of All Areas

Preserving the natural beauty of our course is of utmost importance to us. Over the past quarter, we focused on restoring the desert native areas surrounding Hole 16 to their original glory. Through careful planning and meticulous execution, we were able to clear out invasive species and restore the native vegetation, reinstating the natural aesthetic appeal and ecological balance of the area. We trust that you will appreciate the enhanced experience while playing this picturesque hole.

Over the past quarter, we undertook a complete renovation of the golf academy, creating an area that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The project involved the installation of several hundred tons of ornamental gravel, which not only adds visual appeal but also improves drainage. The thoughtfully designed space, adorned with ornamental gravel, additional cactus, and succulents, provides a serene backdrop for improving your golf skills.

The Golf Academy

Successful Greens Aeration

In our continuous efforts to maintain the high standards of our greens, we conducted a thorough aeration process during the past quarter. This essential practice involves the removal of thousands of small cores from the greens to alleviate soil compaction and promote healthy root growth. The success of this process has resulted in improved drainage, increased oxygenation, and enhanced playability, ensuring a true roll and pace on our greens.

Greens Aeration


With the warmer weather upon us, we have ramped up our maintenance efforts on the paspalum fairways. Paspalum is a warm-season grass that thrives in the higher temperatures, and our team has been working diligently to ensure these fairways are in prime condition. We have implemented specialised care and maintenance practices to enhance the health and playability of the fairways, ensuring that you have an exceptional golfing experience throughout the season.

Thriving Fairways

Bunker Repairs After Severe Rainstorm:

Mother Nature sometimes challenges us, and the past quarter brought an incredible rainstorm that delivered 138 liters of rain within 24 hours. Unfortunately, the intensity of the storm caused significant damage to our bunkers. However, our dedicated maintenance team worked tirelessly to repair and restore all the bunkers, ensuring they are back to their original standards. We thank you for your patience whilst works were undertaken during this process.

Consequence to course bunkers from the tremendous rain storm

Post bunker renovation works


Cleaning of Desert Native Areas and Detailing of All Areas

In our commitment to preserving the natural beauty and ecological balance of our course, we will be expanding the restoration efforts to more areas of the desert native areas. Hole 5, 6, and 15 have been identified as areas that will benefit from cleaning and restoration activities. By removing invasive species, promoting native vegetation, and preserving the natural habitat, we aim to create visually captivating and environmentally sustainable areas that enhance the overall golfing experience.

Continued Improvement of Paspalum Fairways

Building upon the success of the past quarter, we will be focusing on further enhancing the paspalum fairways. Aeration, verticutting, and topdressing will be carried out to optimise the health and playability of the fairways. These practices help alleviate soil compaction, reduce thatch buildup, promote healthy turf growth, and improve ball roll and consistency. We are confident that these efforts will result in even more stunning fairways and ensure the future quality of our course.

Ongoing Course Improvements

In addition to the specific maintenance activities mentioned above, we will continue our routine course improvements. These efforts include regular mowing and trimming of all playing surfaces, meticulous irrigation management, ongoing pest and weed control, and constant monitoring of the overall health and aesthetics of the course. We are dedicated to maintaining the course in top condition throughout the season.

2024 Greens Hollow Coring Dates

In the knowledge that all Property Owners and Members need to have as much notice as possible concerning particular aspects of the golf course maintenance schedule that may temporarily affect the playing conditions of the green’s surface, thus enabling them to plan particular holidays, accordingly, please see below the hollow coring dates in 2024.

· Monday 13th, Tuesday 14thand Wednesday 15th of May

You will be able to keep up to date with the full tournament and social calendar, format and any additions, information of how to enter, and much more, by visiting either our official website or by contacting the resort reception at Desert Springs.

We and the staff at Desert Springs are looking forward to seeing you on the Indiana course in the near future.

As always, please remember to fix your ball marks and replace your divots.


Kind regards,

Zachary LaPorte

Golf Course Superintendent