A message from the Club Vice-Captain

Vice Captain’s Newsletter

March 2022

Dear Member, Owner

I have become aware that the previous newsletter was a bit too long for some members, who missed some of the key points towards the end!

Consequently, this one is a little shorter, bringing you up to date with key points I feel you should be aware of.

  • Club Championship: 26th & 27th March 2022
  • Club Championship Stableford: 27th March 2022

As usual, the Club Championship Dinner is held after these competitions (Sunday 27th March) where the club champions will be recognised following these competitions.

The dinner also gives the membership the opportunity to thank the outgoing Captain, Phil Webster, for his tenure of the Captaincy especially during the difficult past couple of Covid Years. It is at this dinner that I will be receiving my official Desert Springs Captain’s Jacket ready to start my year on April 1st.

Full details are at Golf Reception and online.

Club Competitions and Competition Entry

The club is moving to online information where ever possible to reduce the amount of paper used. Please use the following link where ever possible: Golf tournament entry at Desert Springs Golf Club

Please regularly check the Golf Club Calendar to see the competitions you can enter while at Desert Springs.

Midweek Competitions

Full details of these competitions (Midweek Charity Challenges, Men’s, Ladies, Mixed) will be published shortly after the first committee meeting (5th April) – planned start date w/c 18th April 2022.

I hope that these will be well supported as they are being instigated both for the benefits of members and the Captain’s charities.

Members Competition Score Entry

The system to allow competitors to enter their own score after a competition is now ready for testing and if all OK, will be introduced in April 2022, speeding up the announcements of winners after each competition.

The New Golf Club Committee

Your new golf club committee members start work from April 1st, and I look forward to working with new committee members, Nicki McKemmie-Watson, Sue Garrod, John Haydon, Andrew Markham and Roger Butters who are joining existing members Phil Webster, Richard Fuller, Chris Robinson and myself.

The committee’s main objective is to ensure that members enjoy their golf in a competitive and social environment.

Please let us know if you have any positive suggestions.

At the same time, I would like to thank Barry White, Dave Hadden, Patricia Deraedt and Chris Mear for all their hard work while they have been on the committee over the past few years.

Fund Raising 2022/23

Many thanks to everyone who responded so positively to the previous newsletter and booked the ‘Captain’s Mystery Night Out’, please be quick if you wish to ensure your place at this event on 20th April (first come/first served: dscaptain@btinternet.com).

April 15th 2022

I am looking forward to meeting new and familiar faces over the next 12 months and hope that as many of you as possible will be at my Drive-In, whether you play golf or not, on April 15th.

Paul Taylor