A message from the Club Vice-Captain

Vice Captain’s Newsletter – February 2022


Dear Member, Owner

I am really looking forward to my year as Captain at Desert Springs Golf Club and hopefully adding to the “Essence of Desert Springs Golf”, and I hope you will join me in celebrating Desert Springs 21st Anniversary in true Desert Springs members style.

Firstly, my congratulations to Phil Webster who has been Captain for the past two years in the most trying of times, where he has managed to oversee a major contribution (in excess of €14k) to the local charity Asprodalba. I am looking to continue with our support of this local charity as well as one other, which will reflect my appreciation of the fantastic local medical support I got when I had a heart attack at Desert Springs in 2010. More charity information will be provided at my Drive-In. The following outline is an overview of my approach to my year as Captain:

Captain’s Drive-In (Friday 15th April)  

This takes place on Good Friday and I hope that most of you will be able to participate in the Golf and/or social itinerary. If the offers of help already received are anything to go by I am sure that the day will kick off the following 12 months in true Desert Springs style.

The theme of the day is “White with a Splash of Colour” which not only gives a nod to my many years playing cricket and looks smart but most importantly should not cost too much as I am hoping that you will be able to focus your expenditure on boosting the money that goes to the Captain’s charity from the outset, bearing in mind the restrictions that have been in place over the last two years.

The outline format of the day is to start at the Cave Bar with a toast to the year, where you will be able to watch my attempt(s) to get as close as possible to Echo Rock with my drive. This will be followed by a Team Golf event in “Shambles” format where every standard of golfer with a handicap will be able to excel. The golf will be supported by a band of helpers out on the course offering snacks and refreshments (if you would like to help please contact Lynne at dscaptain@btinternet.com). Following the golf the Clubhouse will be open for drinks and Tapas until 16.00hrs.

Due to a number of cricket events being rebooked following the Covid pandemic, the evening’s entertainment will also be held in the El Torrente starting at 18.00hrs. with a meal followed by a live band and other entertainment. Dress code will continue the theme with white and/or bright and gentlemen are requested to wear a Jacket (not necessarily white!).

Members Golf in 2022/23

As you will have seen from previous newsletters, the World Handicap Index (WHI) is proving to cause difficulties for Clubs such as Desert Springs where many members have more than one club, suffice to say that for the drive-in any reasonable proof of a valid handicap will be accepted.

I am planning to introduce a number of new reasons to play a qualifying round of golf at Desert Springs on the premise that the more qualifying rounds someone has at Desert Springs the more accurate their handicap is. To achieve this, I intend to establish three Charity Challenges between my Drive-In and the Captain’s Charity weekend on 8th October, namely a mixed midweek charity challenge, a ladies midweek charity challenge and a men’s’ midweek charity challenge. Full details will be published in April, but the basics are you will be able to choose any tee set that has been slope rated for you (hopefully all tees will be), you will be able to enter as an individual expecting to be paired up or as a small group who would like to play together.

Playing once during the period will give you a chance to win the overall prize, but of course playing each week will give you a greater chance.

At the last committee meeting it was agreed that it would be good for members to participate in a three way competition with other local clubs – Aguillon and Valle del Este. The committee are working with Simon Coaker to progress this.

Finally I would like to establish a Captain’s away day(s) at one or more Spanish Golf Clubs with whom Desert Springs has a reciprocal green fee arrangement.

Members Committee 2022/23

Firstly my thanks to all the committee members who have helped see Desert Springs members golf continue through lockdown. Special mention to Barry White who is standing down this year after a number of years’ service on the Competition Committee, which I can assure you has stretched his patience further than it should be humanely possible to do so. I would like to remind you that all committee positions are voluntary and please remember this when raising any issues.

I am nominating Nicki McKemmie-Watson as my Vice-Captain which I hope you will fully support, she has already had captaincy experience at her UK club, Crondon Park, and I know she will provide me with invaluable support as well as be a true Desert Springs Captain in her own right.

I am also nominating Sue Garrod for the new “Fixture and Events” position on the committee (see above) knowing that, following conversations with her, she will provide an enthusiastic and hard-working addition to the committee.

Fund Raising 2022/23

Many members have helped with the charity fund raising over the years, and this has been much appreciated by Captains and charities alike. I would like to ensure that this tradition continues and if you are able to donate any prize or auction item(s) to be used at any one of the events we will be holding I will be most grateful for your support.

Besides the published events in the calendar others might “pop-up” to take advantage of a particular circumstance. The first of these will be a “Captain’s Mystery Night Out” on Wednesday April 20th – places will be limited so please book early (dscaptain@btinternet.com) to avoid disappointment.

April 15th 2022

The committee and myself look forward to welcoming you to the start of a great year of golf at Desert Springs at the Captain’s Drive-In at 08.30hrs. (approx).