A message from the Handicap Committee

Dear Member,

As you are all probably aware, the WHS of handicap review is now in place worldwide.

Unfortunately, at present there is still no overarching automatic system that updates scores from the RFEG to other country handicap systems. We are in discussions with Desert Springs and the RFEG on how this may be improved but there is no working solution yet.

We have a number of members who are asking, do they need to continue with membership of the RFEG if they are already members of another handicap system in their home country.

The committee have decided that members with an official WHS handicap in another handicap system will be allowed to play in the members section of competitions subject to following conditions:

  • A Desert Springs member with an up to date official WHS handicap will qualify to play in member competitions with a certificate of handicap that includes all qualifying rounds that have been played. This means that after each competition round at Desert Springs members will need to return their score to their home club and get their home club to update their WH before they can play in the next Desert Springs competition.
  • This may be an issue as we are aware some away club handicap secretaries are not willing to update away scores in a timely manner which could be a problem when playing competitions on consecutive days.
  • The responsibility of keeping any away WHS handicaps up to date will be the responsibility of the member.

Please be aware that RFEG membership includes your on course insurance when playing at any RFEG registered golf course.

At present, due to the potential problems that could be caused by the lack of automatic updating, the committee is recommending that members retain their RFEG membership if they want to ensure that they are eligible for all competitions in 2022. We hope to be able to issue another update before Christmas.

Desert Springs Golf Club Committee