A message from the Handicap Committee

The RFEG, England Golf &

The World Handicapping System


Dear Member / Property Owner,

As you are probably aware, both the RFEG and England Golf changed to the World Handicap System during 2020.

We have been in discussions with both bodies during the past few months regarding how the system will work with players who are currently members of both handicap systems. Unfortunately, there is no overarching connection of the two handicap systems at present; the main issue being that a player’s handicap can be adjusted by quite a significant amount after each round of golf.  Therefore, if you are playing in several consecutive events at Desert Springs during a visit, unfortunately it is impossible to maintain a correct handicap in a timely manner.

The committee are therefore recommending that Desert Springs members continue to retain participation in the RFEG system until a workable solution can be found.

The RFEG have explained that members have insurance cover from the RFEG, which is a requirement of playing at Desert Springs Golf Club, a Federated golf course.

Any members who do not wish to retain their RFEG membership will not unfortunately qualify for RFEG competitions.

Both the RFEG and England Golf are recommending that players who are members of two or more golf clubs nominate one club as their home club.  The recommendation is that the club you nominate is the one where you play the most qualifying competitions.

Hopefully, a WHS reporting system will be developed during 2021 which will make the process simpler.

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2021 and playing more golf.