A Field Guide to Wildlife at Desert Springs, South East Spain


Dear Owner & Member, Wildlife at Desert Springs

The introduction in 2001 of the Indiana Course at Desert Springs Resort has had a significant impact on attracting wildlife to the area, creating a harmonious environment that has proven to be incredibly attractive to various forms of wildlife.

One of the key factors contributing to the attraction of wildlife is the careful integration of native vegetation throughout the course. The course designers made a conscious effort to incorporate indigenous plant species, including shrubs and trees, which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide food, shelter, and nesting opportunities for a wide range of animals. This diverse vegetation creates a vibrant ecosystem that can support various species throughout their life cycles.

Moreover, the layout and design of the Indiana Course have taken into consideration the natural topography of the area. The course seamlessly blends with the surrounding desert landscape, incorporating natural features such as rock formations, water bodies, and undulating terrain. These elements provide additional habitats and water sources, attracting different species of birds, reptiles, and small mammals.

The management practices at the Indiana Course also play a crucial role in attracting wildlife. The staff at the resort have implemented environmentally friendly practices, including the minimal use of pesticides and chemicals, as well as the conservation of water resources. These measures help maintain a healthy and sustainable environment, which is essential for the long-term presence of wildlife.

The resort has documented this incredible biodiversity in a published book that spans over 430 colour pages, capturing the beauty and richness of the wildlife through stunning photography, detailed descriptions, and informative narratives. It showcases the various species that have flourished in the area, ranging from mammals and birds to reptiles and insects.

It not only showcases the beauty and diversity of the region’s flora and fauna but also raises awareness about the importance of conservation and serves as a testament to the successful coexistence of humans and the diverse and thriving wildlife that now calls Desert Springs Resort home.

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