AimPoint Clinic

As announced previously, Martin Park is a new member of the coaching staff at the Desert Springs Golf Academy.


Martin is a Fully Certified AimPoint Instructor, the industry leader in reading any putt, on any course, anywhere in the world at any time with a simple to read chart. AimPoint is used by the world’s top amateurs and professionals alike and AimPoint technology is often seen on television broadcasts to predict the line of any putt on the PGA Tour.


Using the laws of gravity, physics and geometry, students of all handicap levels can learn to read any putt under 20-feet with accuracy in a very short space of time using the knowledge gained from this clinic.


Martin will be running an AimPoint Clinic on Tuesday March 5th at 11:00hrs, and it is open for golfer of all levels.


Official AimPoint green reading charts (AimChart ™), which are unique to each student, along with video and reading materials are included in the price, and given to the students after the 2,5 – hour class; hence students only need to bring a putter!!.


There’s no point guessing when you can learn the secret the professionals use to help make everything!


The cost to attend this unique experience is 99€ per person. Simply book at the Golf Reception in the Clubhouse in the normal manner.

For more information: Golf Reception

Tel: +34 637 861 591