Almanzora Owners

The Owners Point of Contact Schedule has recently been up dated and can be downloaded from the ‘Owner’s Information’ section of our website by clicking here. It was originally issued with the following advice, which although circumstances have changed, still seems reasonably relevant and is therefore reproduced below for your information.

"On occasion uncertainty can arise as to whom property owners should contact concerning a particular issue, in part, because of our rapid development, involving new services, responsibilities and changing staff. Thus, where there were only Sales, Production and the Golf Club, we now also have Homebuyer Services (incorporating Sales, Options and Extras, Furnishings and Landscaping Services), Home Owner Services (incorporating Property Management, Letting, Insurance, Gardening and Pool Maintenance Services), as well as Resort Management and Community Administration departments. The roles of individuals and departments overlap in time and function, and this can create confusion as to who is responsible for what.

To alleviate this, we decided that each issue should be handled by one department and one person in that department at each stage, thus providing a single point of contact for the property owner. That person will then determine what other department may be involved, but shall remain responsible for co-ordination with the owner. We also wish thereby to provide a clear route for the expression of any dissatisfaction, so as to enable us to deal as rapidly as possible with anything that seems to have gone amiss.

These points of contact are identified on the Clients Point of Contact Schedule

Please, always be aware that any problem, query or doubt is best expressed in an e-mail or written note to the designated point of contact.

Our planned procedures can then go into effect, so that each issue is logged, copied in to all those directly responsible for action and to those in charge of them, so it can be monitored, followed through and brought to a proper conclusion.

We hope that you find that this guidance provides the key to getting the best out of the services available to you, as an Almanzora Bay client.




For further information contact: Julia Bonas
Telephone: +34 950 467 104