APAS Tournament

The 2008 ‘Madera Verde Conference’ that the Desert Springs Resort was invited to host by the Spanish Ministry of the Environment’s Association for the Promotion of Socio-Cultural Activities (APAS) for their invited guests, referred to in the NewsFlash, of the 1st May 2008, has unfortunately now been postponed; possibly until later in 2009.

Tee times originally reserved for the ‘Madera Verde Cup’ golf tournament, from 08.43hrs – 10.51hrs on Saturday 27th September, have been released and are now available to members and visitors to book in the normal way.

The ‘September Greensomes’, also scheduled for Saturday 27th, will still be played as scheduled with tee times reserved from 11.07hrs – 11.55hrs.

For further information contact: Golf Reception
Email: ssc@almanzora.com
Telephone: +34 637 861 591