Captain & Professional Challenge Match Schedule

Captain & Professional Challenge Match Schedule 2024

Dear Member,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the 2024 Captain & Professional Challenge Match programme at Desert Springs Golf Club.

This initiative offers our members the unique opportunity to challenge our esteemed Club Captain Chris Mear and our talented Golf Academy Professionals: Neil Evans, Roy Kullick, and Martin D’Archivio in a friendly Four Ball Better Ball Match play competition, all while supporting a noble cause.

The entrance fee is €25 per person (€50 per pair) with all entrance fees collected being donated to the Captain’s nominated charity, A.M.C.A.L., a local charity dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities, who rely solely on donations as they receive no governmental support. Your participation in this event will directly contribute to their invaluable work within our community.

Chris & one of Desert Springs Golf Clubs chosen Professionals would be pleased to accept challenges from pairs of members, on the following dates and times;


Date                                       Tee Time                    Date                                       Tee Time

Wednesday 24th April             09:20hrs.                Wednesday 10th July             10:40hrs.

Wednesday 8th May               11:52hrs.                 Wednesday 24th July             10:40hrs.

Wednesday 22nd May            10:40hrs.                 Wednesday 7th August          10:40hrs.

Wednesday 5th June             11:28hrs.                  Wednesday 21st August        10:40hrs.

Wednesday 19th June            11:20hrs.                 Wednesday 4th September    10:40hrs.


At the end of the year the members team with the biggest margin of victory will be presented with the Captain & Professional Challenge trophy.

To register your interest in competing in the Captain & Professional Challenge please contact Club Captain Chris Mear.