Club Captains’ News

Desert Springs has recently held a busy golfing week during Easter, striving to meet everyone’s expectations and to provide golfers with both fun and serious competitions on the Indiana Course. Club Captain Wikkie de Graaf commented:

“Firstly the Honors Dinner, receiving my Captain’s Jacket was a very proud occasion for me and I promise I will do everything I can to ensure that the voice of the members and owners are represented to the golf management.

I am delighted at the number of members and owners who participated in the events throughout the week and especially the trip to Cuevas. I believe everyone enjoyed the experience and my intention is to organise similar trips to other local places of interest during the year.

The drive-in was a huge success with 23 teams participating in a Texas Scramble, thank you to everyone who dressed in the Spanish colors; a special thanks to Pauline Carver, Liz McCartney, Brenda Clark-Whittle, Elaine Gray, and the Silverado team for their special effort.

The fiesta at the Crocodile Club after the competition was attended by the Mayor of Cuevas del Almanzora and his wife as well as representatives of the 3 charities selected for my captaincy year. The music provided by La Tuna and accompanied by Sergio (our Vice Captain) had everyone on their feet dancing flamenco well into the night. Thank you all for participating!

To date we have raised over €3,000 thanks to you and sponsors; however this is only the start, we have a long way to go to meet the target that I have set.

Finally please take the challenge to play Nacho and myself in the Captain / Pro Better Ball competition. All funds raised will be donated to the charities with the winning team being awarded the trophy currently held by Martin Symington and Paddy Sweeney”.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Desert Springs.

Wikkie de Graaf – Club Captain



For further information contact: Wikkie de Graaf
Telephone: +34 655 411 673