Club Committee

Dear Club Members/Residents,


Please find below news from the Club Committee-


Captains Drive-In

We would like to invite all members to the Cave Bar for a glass of Champagne from 08:30 on the 25th of April. The Captain’s Drive-In will be at 09:20 hrs. and the tournament starts at 10:00 hrs.


Golf Rules Session

Patrick Wood has offered to present a Golf Rules Session for all Members & Residents; this is a great opportunity for those who want to improve their knowledge on the rules of golf in an interesting and entertaining manner.


Patrick remarked, “This will be an illustrated presentation of many rules that come into play at Desert Springs, light hearted in tone with some humour, applicable to rules novices and experienced golfers alike, plus some shocks for the latter and it will include an inter active element and some Q & A’s. It will NOT be a turgid dry run through of all the rules! I hope it will have something for every player.”


Rules Referee – Patrick Wood

Date Friday 18th April 2014

Time – 17:00 hrs.

Location – Desert Drive 2, Cinema Room

Participation – Please confirm your participation to the Golf Reception (max 30pax)

Club Tournaments Tee Time Starting List


During the last Club Committee Meeting held on the 9th January 2014, the Club agreed that the Golf Reception would introduce a new service whereby it will send via e-mail the tournament Tee Time Starting List for Desert Springs Club Tournaments to members that wish to receive them.  For each Club tournament, once approved by the Competition Committee (normally around 16:00 hrs. the day prior to the tournament round) the starting list will be sent out by the Golf Reception. This new service will commence with the forthcoming ‘Easter Cup’ scheduled for Sunday 20th April.


Members that would like to be included in this mailing list must contact the Golf Reception directly and register to which e-mail address they would like to have the starting list sent.


The Captain´s Charities 2014 – 2015


Asprodalba is an occupational therapy centre based in Vera for young people who have mild to severe learning problems and handicaps including down syndrome and autism of varying degrees. Inaugurated in 1979, there are currently 80 day time students and a further 11 who are cared for full time by the centre and its team.  


Asprodalba is equipped with workshops for woodwork, clay and arts as well as a small theatre, where students produce shows as one of the ways of helping to raise money to fund the centre. They also sell the fabulous creations which they make in the workshops, some of which, such as trophies, are made to order.  


We have invited some of the students to come along to the Cave on the morning of the Captains Drive-In to run a small stall displaying and selling the items they make so you will be able to meet them.


Vivir;  Adrian

Whilst looking into different Charities which we could possibly support, we were made aware of the case of young Adrian.  The Grandson of one of Desert Springs cleaning team, Adrian and his family live in Cuevas del Almanzora.  Starved of oxygen at birth resulting in partial brain paralysis, Adrian is unable to walk or stand alone.  Now 8 years old, it is his families wish to be able to purchase a specific walking aid to enable Adrian’s mobility.


The family are already registered with the charity Vivir who provide help and support for families such as Adrian’s.   It is through this association the funds we raise will be channelled specifically to help purchase this equipment.  


In addition Adrian’s family, along with the Town Hall and various local schools have initiated the collection of plastic bottle tops for recycling purposes. Every tonne collected raises €250.00.  As a part of this initiative we would like to invite everyone to help with this by collecting their bottle tops and taking them along to El Torrente Restaurant from where they will be sent to the general collection point.


David Mathewson  

Desert Springs Golf Club Captain