Crocodile Club Schedules

Please be aware that the Crocodile Club will not be opening every Saturday and Sunday to show live sports as previously advertised. Live Sports will be screened every evening in the Clubhouse Sales Office, apart from the following dates, when the Crocodile Club will be open.

Once again, please be aware that these rules are vital for the coexistence and respect for all members and property owners at Desert Springs.


Bar Opening Hours:

Dec 24th to Jan 6th: 19.00hrs – 00.00hrs
Feb 11th to Feb 19th: 19.00hrs – 00.00hrs
Mar 31st to Apr 15th: 19.00hrs – 00.00hrs
Jun 2nd to Jun 10th: 19.00hrs – 00.00hrs
Jul 28th to Sep 2nd: 19.00hrs – 00.00hrs
Oct 20th to Nov 4th: 19.00hrs – 00.00hrs
Dec 22nd 2012 to Jan 9th 2013: 19.00hrs – 00.00hrs


Restaurant Opening Hours:

Jul 28th to Sep 2nd 2012: 19.00hrs – 23.00hrs

All schedules are subject to change for bank holidays and private bookings; please check.




For further information contact: Ellie Hunter
Telephone: +34 618 609 978