Cut Electricity Costs


Dear Owner,

Thank you for your support of The Lodge by making your property available for rental.

We are pleased to confirm that 2012 saw increases in sold rental weeks for property at Desert Springs and all the signs are that we shall improve on this in 2013. 

However, we are very aware that the cost of running your property increases year on year due to higher utility charges, in particular electricity and the consumption throughout the year associated with the hot/cold air conditioning units. 

The Lodge provides regular reminders to its Clients by way of notices within the property and directly at the time of 'Meet and Greet' upon arrival but, in truth, to little real effect.

Whilst we will continue to do this, there is proven technology readily available, which should make a real difference in preventing electricity wastage when units are running and nobody is in the room. We have taken the route of looking at reducing the cost rather than charging guests extra, as in a competitive holiday market we consider there could be a disadvantage to you the owner by way of reduced bookings if we increased prices.

We linked up with a specialist company to review the market for technology, which performs the following key functions:

  • Ability to detect people present in the room for the air conditioning to function.
  • Ability to preset and limit the range of temperature adjustment by the occupier.
  • Ability for the system to detect non-moving people present in bedrooms during the night.
  • Compatibility with various makes of machines and universal connection.

A proven record of economy savings and recommendation by other bulk users.

We have identified one that we feel meets the foregoing criteria and will deliver a beneficial saving to you the owner.

The system involves the installation of a small PIR detector and control unit connected to each indoor machine. This detector does not rely upon movement, rather it detects body heat, and therefore cancels the problem of general movement within the room e.g. fans, curtains blowing, open doors swinging.

Each detector is fully programmable and locked by a security code to prevent guests tampering with or adjusting it. They are connected direct to the controls within the machine and override and close down the machine when people are not present in the room.

The machine can be restarted by use of the remote control but the detector/control unit will go through its cycle again and close the machine down after the programmed time interval has expired.

Together with the detector also available is a remote control unit to replace the existing, which can again be programmed, but this time to limit the temperature range available to occupants. This again limits the amount of time the air conditioning will be running as the machine will not be continuously trying to achieve an impossible 17 degrees in the height of summer when it is 40 degrees outside! Again this is operated via a security code and cannot be adjusted by the occupant.

Savings of between 50% and 80% have been reported by other holiday operators and bulk users where this system has been installed. A potential additional benefit is that, with the units running for less time, their effective life span should increase.

Further information can be seen on the following link: –

The overall cost of the system will be dependent upon the amount of discount we can negotiate with the supplier for quantity but preliminary costings are 120.00 euros for each detector/control and 20.00 euros for each remote control.

The prices include fitting and are subject to IVA at the ruling rate.

Clearly if we can place a bulk order, any discount obtained would be passed on.

We strongly recommend that you carry out this work.

Please contact Brigid Irwin on +34 607 617 430 if you require any further information and / or to confirm your instructions.