Environment Conference

We are pleased to announce that the Desert Springs Golf Club will be hosting the 2006 “Madera Verde” Conference for all the golf courses that were entered for the 2005 Spanish National Environmental Award.

The conference, in collaboration with The Royal Spanish Golf Federation (RFEG) and the Spanish Ministry of the Environment’s Association for the Promotion of Socio-Cultural Activities (APAS) will be held from the 12th to the 15th October 2006, for the invited guests of RFEG and APAS.

Desert Springs was awarded the 2005 “Madera Verde” Prize for Environmental Responsibility, out of no less than 60 other golf courses, which had been considered for the award.   In its own right a notable achievement for the Resort and an important first for the Levante Almeriense region of South Eastern Spain.

Director of Golf, Simon Coaker commented –

“The high degree of environmental awareness and concern in the golfing industry throughout Spain was demonstrated by more than 60 courses entering the competition for the awards in 2005.  We believe that this increasing awareness is a vital and positive indication for the future of golf course development, not only in our area, but also throughout Spain.”

During the conference, Desert Springs Golf Course Superintendent, Anthony Brooks and Chief Naturalist, Joel Lodè will be giving seminars, sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with the invitees.  

The invitees to the conference will also compete, at Desert Springs, for the “Madera Verde Cup”, an 18-hole Texas Scramble competition, scheduled for Saturday 14th October, with an expected field of 72-players and to be played on the Indiana course.

The ‘Professional’s Challenge Cup’, which in 2005 was one of the most popular tournaments on the calendar of events at Desert Springs, will be held on the same day as the Madera Verde Cup”.

Madera Verde Award

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