Friday Social Roll-Up Revival at Desert Springs Resort


Dear Residents and Members of Desert Springs Resort,

Desert Springs Resort has always been more than just a collection of homes; it’s a vibrant community where individuals forge connections that go beyond the typical interactions found in larger cities or other towns.

Over the past two decades, Desert Springs Resort has been the nurturing ground for an extraordinary social circle, fostering profound friendships among owners and members from diverse nationalities and backgrounds. After the challenging period of the Covid pandemic and its impact on social relationships worldwide, we’re delighted to have witnessed a return to normalcy. It’s heart-warming to welcome new faces—new homeowners and golf club members— all of whom have embarked on their Desert Springs Resort adventure in the last two years.

Following the success of December’s residents’ Christmas dinner, we’re thrilled to revive the fantastic Friday Social Roll-Up. This is the perfect opportunity to catch up, meet new homeowners and members, reconnect with old friends, and make plans for the upcoming days. To add a boost to the roll-up, we’re introducing a Happy Hour from 18:00hrs. to 19:00hrs, with a 2-for-1 offer on drinks at El Torrente bar.

Ultimately, what makes Desert Springs Resort truly special is the incredible community of people who inhabit and work within it, and the meaningful relationships that are developed.

We eagerly anticipate seeing each and every one of you every Friday starting at 18:00hrs. at El Torrente Restaurant. Let’s make every Friday a celebration of our unique community!

Adrià Palomeras

Resort F&B Manager