‘Golf 4 Women’

Desert Springs Golf Club invites all female golfers to join the ‘Golf 4 Women Roll-Up’ to be held each Tuesday, commencing Tuesday 25th March.


The introduction of the ‘Golf 4 Women Roll-Up’ provides the opportunity for Female members and visitors to meet up and play a round of 18 holes on the Indiana Course in a social and relaxed atmosphere.


To assist with the control of required Tee times for the ‘Golf 4 Women Roll-Up’, we request that those players that wish to play register their name with the Golf Reception before Monday at

12.00 hrs.


Two tee-times are pre-reserved for the ‘Golf 4 Women Roll-Up’ (normally around 10:00 hrs.), which will accommodate 8 players.


If more than 8 players have registered then more tee-times will be reserved accordingly.


Participants will meet at the Clubhouse on the day 20 minutes prior to the first reserved tee-time for the draw of players to organise the groups.


The Clubhouse restaurant will provide a special offer each Tuesday after play for the

‘Golf 4 Women Roll-Up’ participants.


Special ‘Golf 4 Women Roll-Up’ Visitor 18 Hole Green Fee Rate – *30€ per player

(*Payment is required at the time of registration)