Golf Club Hours

Dear Member / Property Owner,


Desert Springs Golf Club has today announced its official opening hours for the Clubhouse Reception and Caddy Master Office for 2016.


     Period                              Golf Clubhouse Reception          Caddy Master Office


01st Jan – 26th March         07:30 hrs. until 17:30 hrs.            07:30 hrs. until 17:30 hrs.


     27th March – 29th Oct         07:30 hrs. until 19:30 hrs.            07:30 hrs. until 19:30 hrs.


    30th Oct – 31st Dec              07:30 hrs. until 17:30 hrs.            07:30 hrs. until 17:30 hrs.


The first tee time available for reservation for the Indiana course when the Clubhouse Reception is open from 07:30 hrs. will be 08.00 hrs.


We would like to remind you that Golf Reception can be contacted also by telephone on: – +34 637 861 591 or e-mail: –  during opening hours.


*All schedules are subject to change for organised tournaments and events; please check.


We trust you will find this information useful and wish you a successful golfing year in 2016!