Desert Springs Golf Club today announced the third annual election for members to choose a Vice-captain and two members each for the Club’s Handicap and Competition Committees to take office for the period 1st April 2007 through to 31st March 2008. 

Simon Coaker, Director of Golf commented,

“The election of a team of Members to act as Club Officials to work with the management of the Club since April 2005 has proven to be a positive step forward in the Club’s evolution and has provided an increasingly accepted and used channel of communications between Members and the management.

Past years have seen more nominees put forward than there are positions available. This has always been considered by the management to be a positive demonstration of those members willingness to dedicate themselves to the representation of others and to work closely with management to continually strengthen communications for the benefit and enjoyment of all and I sincerely hope that the same will be true of these elections.”

A ‘Desert Springs Golf Club Officials Election Nomination Form’ has been sent to all members, they are also available at the Clubhouse reception and an e-mail form will shortly be posted on our web site in the Owners section.

All completed nomination forms must be returned by hand, e-mail, fax or post to the Club Secretary to arrive no later than February 28th.  We shall be letting you know during this period the names of those nominated to date, as we believe that this will assist in the process and remove uncertainty as to whether anyone has been nominated for any particular role already.

Immediately after this date, each member will be sent a ‘Voting Form’ identifying those persons going forward for election to each position. This form will also be available at the Clubhouse reception and on the web site in the Owners section.

All completed voting forms must then be returned to Desert Springs by March 31st, again by hand, e-mail, fax or post for the attention of the Club Secretary.  Following the verification of the validity of the voting forms submitted and their counting, the names of the successful candidates, elected by the membership, will be announced.

For further information contact: Lina Rodriquez-Club Secretary.
Tel: +34 627 435 343