Golf Course Grass Conversion – Phase Two


Dear Member / Property Owner,

Following on from the works completed to convert the turfgrass of the tees, fairways and driving range to Pure Dynasty Paspalum, now that we have the appropriate climatic conditions, we are pleased to inform you that that we will now enter the scheduled second phase of the course grass conversion, the seeding of the ‘Tall Fescue’ variety 4th Millennium in the course roughs and greens surround.

Currently, the course rough contains a variety of grasses that include; common Bermuda grass, wild Paspalum, Bent grass and Kikuya grass. To guarantee the success of the ‘Tall Fescue’ conversion, we must first eliminate all unwanted grasses that will affect its establishment, purity, and playability. Accordingly, a herbicide will be applied to the roughs to eliminate these unwanted grasses, however the existing ryegrass will remain. The herbicide treatment will result in the appearance of several large areas that will be temporarily unplayable until the ‘Tall Fescue’ has established. These areas will be marked as ground under repair and in certain areas with stakes and rope to keep out traffic.

The ‘Tall Fescue’ will be seeded into the existing ryegrass and during its establishment, the ryegrass will be slowly eliminated.

The schedule of works required to complete the introduction of the ‘Tall Fescue’ is as below.

1. Herbicide applied to roughs
2. After one-week a growth regulator is applied to the ryegrass
3. After the second-week maintenance will shock cut the rough grass
4. If required certain rough areas will be verticut to assist new grass germination
5. Starter fertilizer to be applied
6. Introduce the new Tall Fescue seed

The ‘Tall Fescue’ seed should germinate within the first 7-10 days with the first grass cut expected 3 weeks after that and thereafter cut regularly twice weekly.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and look forward to seeing you out on the course.

Kind regards,

Zachary LaPorte
Golf Course Superintenden