Golf Course Machinery Investment




Dear Member / Property Owner,

As previously announced, maintaining with the commitment of course investment, the Club had committed to a further investment of €630,000 for the purchase of a new fleet of state of the art golf course maintenance machinery to aide golf course superintendent Zach LaPorte and his team in maintaining the Indiana course to the highest of standards.

The technological advances that have taken place within the machinery industry, utilised for golf course maintenance, allows Desert Springs to both be at the forefront of this innovation and to benefit from it.

Further improved maintenance of the golf course, efficiency of time, reduction in machinery down time and maintenance repairs, and improved quality of the playing surfaces, are just a few examples of the benefits afforded by the new machinery.

I wish to provide you with an update on further machinery from our order that has now arrived, albeit there are still additional machines scheduled to be delivered over the next months to complete our order.

Pedestrian Manual Mowers for Greens

Four new pedestrian manual mowers have arrived and will be used exclusively for cutting greens.  These new toro Flex manual mowers are designed with a “floating” cutting unit that better adapts to greens that have a lot of movement and undulations such as we have here on the Indiana course.  With the implementation of these machines, we will see an improvement in the overall quality of cut and ball roll.

Small Pedestrian Sprayer

This compact and light weight self-propelled sprayer will be used on greens and tees and will have many benefits compared to the bigger ride on sprayer we currently use.  On greens the light weight of the machine will eliminate the wheel marks and indentations that the ride on sprayer causes, keeping the surface smooth.  The tees are very small and can be very difficult to apply product efficiently with the current sprayer as it barely fits on the tee. The new sprayer is a tenth of the size and can easily manoeuvre on and around the tee to get the perfect application without and misses or waste.

Greens and Tees Aerator

The toro procore 648 has always been the industry’s best aerator for greens.  And now with the new technology that toro has integrated into the machine it is even better.  New smart technology has allowed an easier and operator friendly machine that ensures a near perfect aeration which is paramount when using on the greens.  Wider and able to aerate at a faster pace than our current model, the procore will speed up the aeration process and increase efficiency.  This machine is also perfect for aerating our small sized tees.

The investment within these machines and the remaining units still to arrive will have a positive impact on both the on-going health and quality of the turfgrass, as well as and more importantly to the ever-improving playability of the Indiana course for our members and visiting guests.

You will be able to keep up to date with the full tournament and social calendar, format and any additions, information of how to enter, and much more, by visiting either our official website or by contacting the Resort Reception at Desert Springs.

We and the staff at Desert Springs are looking forward to seeing you on the Indiana course in the near future.

As always, please remember to fix your ball marks and replace your divots.

Kind regards,


Zachary LaPorte

Golf Course Superintendent