Golf Course Machinery Investment



Dear Member / Property Owner,

As previously announced, maintaining with the commitment of course investment, the Club had committed to a further investment of € 630,000 for the purchase of a new fleet of state of the art golf course maintenance machinery to aide golf course superintendent Zach LaPorte and his team in maintaining the Indiana course to the highest standards.

The technological advances that have taken place within the machinery industry, utilised for golf course maintenance, allows Desert Springs to both be at the forefront of this innovation and to benefit from it.

Further improved maintenance of the golf course, efficiency of time, reduction in machinery down time and maintenance repairs, and improved quality of the playing surfaces, are just a few examples of the benefits afforded by the new machinery.

I wish to provide you with an update on further machinery from our order that has now arrived, albeit there are still additional machines scheduled to be delivered over the next months to complete our order

Rough Machine

We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our line-up, the Groundmaster 4300D 5-deck rough machine. This remarkable machine is set to redefine efficiency and time savings within our fleet.

Presently, our rough areas are managed with a single 3-deck mower, a process that takes approximately 5-6 days to complete. However, with the introduction of the Groundmaster 4300D, we anticipate a substantial reduction in this timeframe, potentially completing the task in just 2-3 days, contingent on the season.

Comparing capabilities, our current machine efficiently mows 1.7 hectares per hour on a flat and level surface. The new Groundmaster, on the other hand, boasts an impressive capacity of up to 2.6 hectares per hour. This remarkable increase in speed is poised to yield a significant enhancement in overall productivity.

The smaller rough machine will now be strategically allocated to tee aprons, bunker faces, and other challenging-to-access areas, where the larger machine’s dimensions might prove cumbersome. By leveraging both machines’ unique strengths, we anticipate achieving a consistent, finely manicured appearance across our roughs throughout the year.

This addition represents a pivotal step forward, aligning with our commitment to maintaining the utmost quality and precision in our groundskeeping efforts.

The investment within these machines and the remaining units still to arrive will have a positive impact on both the on-going health and quality of the turfgrass, as well as and more importantly to the ever-improving playability of the Indiana course for our members and visiting guests.

You will be able to keep up to date with the full tournament and social calendar, format and any additions, information of how to enter, and much more, by visiting either our official website or by contacting the Resort Reception at Desert Springs.

We and the staff at Desert Springs are looking forward to seeing you on the Indiana course in the near future.

As always, please remember to fix your ball marks and replace your divots.

Kind regards,

Zachary LaPorte

Golf Course Superintendent