Golf Course Maintenance


Dear Member / Property Owner,

Following on from the ‘The Golf Course Superintendents News Letter’ sent to you in June which was designed to keep you up to date with all of the important maintenance procedures which were scheduled to take place on The Indiana course in July, we are pleased to be able to give you an update on the works carried out and to inform you of the schedule of works which shall take place in August 2007.


15th Hole Modifications

As per the schedule, extensive work to the new lake on hole 15 continued. The installation of the plastic lake liner and the railway sleeper edging has been completed with a rock feature positioned within the lake.

Fairway Topdressing

The fairways were top-dressed. Slow releasing calcium products were introduced into the soil profile with the topdressing sand, assisting the dilution of salts that naturally build up within the soil profile itself.

Fungicide Spraying

The monthly summer application of the fungicide-spraying programme was completed. As a consequence of this programme, summer stress related diseases are kept to a minimum throughout the course.

Hand Watering

Hand watering of localised dry spots took place. Please be advised that this is a crucial part of summer maintenance. Hand watering cannot be stopped during play for this reason, however disruption to play will of course, be kept to an absolute minimum.

Foreign Grass Encroachment

The warm season grasses and weeds that flourish in this warm climate have been sprayed. These areas are turning white and will re-establish themselves over the following months.

2nd Hole Landscaping

This work was a late addition to the schedule of works for July. In keeping with the original planting plan, it comprised the commencement of the planting of further mature palm trees, strategically positioned running up and along the left hand side of the hole; with the aim of discouraging the player from attempting a shot that is likely to end up out of bounds, of encouraging them to aim to the right and of creating a barrier, affording protection from errant tee shots to the left.


15th Hole Modifications

The final construction stages to the enhancements and remodelling design of hole 15 will include the placement of rocks along the fairway edge of the lake perimeter, and a cascade feature that will flow into the new lake. This program of works is extensive and the golf receptionists will announce daily updates of the works being carried out to golfers at registration. We will of course try to keep any disruption to play to a minimum and ask for you to bear with us during these works.

Fungicide Spraying

The summer preventative and curative fungicide-spraying programme of all grass areas will continue. This programme safeguards against strong summer turf grass diseases. Signs will be placed on fairway 1, anti-green 1 and the 9th hole to remind players that spraying is in progress. Please remember to wash your hands after play.

Coring Greens Schedule 2007 Reminder

In the knowledge that all property owners and members need to have as much notice as possible with respect to particular aspects of the golf course maintenance schedule, that temporarily effect the playing conditions of the greens surface, thus enabling them to plan particular holidays accordingly, please see below further remaining scheduled dates for ‘Greens Hollow Coring’: –

  • Monday 15th October (6mm Tines)

You will be able to keep up to date with the full tournament and social schedule, format and any additions, information of how to enter, and much, much more by visiting either our official website or alternatively, reading the notice boards in both the Men’s and Ladies locker rooms in the Clubhouse whilst at the Resort.

We and the staff at Desert Springs are looking forward to seeing you on The Indiana course in the near future.

Kind regards,

Simon Coaker
Director of Golf

Kind regards,

Anthony Brooks
Golf Course Superintendent