Golf Course Maintenance



Dear Member / Property Owner,

Following on from the ‘The Golf Course Superintendents News Letter’ sent to you in October which was designed to keep you up to date with all of the important maintenance procedures which were scheduled to take place on The Indiana Course in November, we are pleased to be able to give you an update on the works carried out and to inform you of the schedule of works which shall take place in December 2010.




Golf Course Landscaping Improvements

The original Indiana golf course landscaping scheme was designed by Deiv Kilby, the landscape architect, and Peter McEvoy, the designer of the Indiana course. The purposes of the landscape and planting schemes were the enhancement of the appearance of the resort as a whole, as well as of the vistas for property owners and of the golfing experience for players.

Over the years, natural maturing of both the landscape and planting schemes has taken place. As a consequence of this and in response to feedback received from playing members, guests and visitors, each hole of the course has been looked at objectively and assessed, with consideration being given to their playability for all standards of golfer and the introduction of the improvements required, without resulting in changing the desert philosophy.

The programme of landscaping improvements carried out to date has comprised;

Tee complex of holes 1, 3, 8, 9 and 18. Hole 7 and 8. Tree pruning of holes 13 and 15. The Putting and Chipping green area within the Academy of Golf. The Club House landscaped areas, Club House river and cascade.

The 18th hole has also had a complete overhaul. The work has included; pruning of all palms trees, cleaning of the Santa Rosa Springs, removal of excessive plant material along the river bank, and the extensive pruning of trees and bushes along the housing boundary to the right hand side of the hole.

Work will continue through all holes of the golf course in accordance with their designated priority.


Hole 7 Landscaping Improvements

The original landscaping scheme for the 7th hole was planted in 2001. Since that time, the landscape has matured with a healthy ecosystem of Agave americana. This maturity has however led to unsuitable playing conditions within close proximity of the fairway edges. A vast amount of plant material has been removed from both sides of the fairway to help enhance the aesthetics and playability of the hole without changing the original character as initially designed. The desert hardpan has now been graded and rolled with a newly purchased Bomag 2.5 tonne twin drum roller, further enhancing the playability of the hole. The initial feedback from playing members, guests and visitors has been extremely positive.

Hollow Coring Greens

The greens have been hollow cored as per the golf course maintenance schedule. The greens have now recovered and filled in, producing a smooth playing surface.


Hollow Coring Greens Approaches

Due to high golfing traffic and the start of the landscaping improvement schedule, we were unable to hollow core the approaches as per the schedule.


Edging Bunkers

The bunkers were edged which contributes to both enhancing and redefining the aesthetic appearance of the golf course.





7th Hole Landscaping Modifications

After the initial success of the landscaping works carried out on hole 7, further pruning of the Agave americana will be carried out to help aide the location of golf balls near the larger plants.


Verti Draining Fairways

The programme of verti-draining the fairways will start in December. This particular aspect of course maintenance is both extremely necessary and time consuming, so we ask you to please bear with us until its completion. Disruption to play, as always is kept to an absolute minimum.


2011 Greens Hollow Coring Dates

In the knowledge that all property owners and members need to have as much notice as possible concerning particular aspects of the golf course maintenance schedule that may temporarily effect the playing conditions of the greens surface, thus enabling them to plan particular holidays accordingly, please see below the scheduled coring dates for 2011.

2011 – 21st & 22nd March / 3rd & 4th May / 7th & 8th November

This particular program is an essential part of golf course maintenance. This practice creates the required environment for strong vigorous roots to grow, the very essence of golf course maintenance.

You will be able to keep up to date with the full tournament and social schedule, format and any additions, information of how to enter, and much, much more by visiting either our official website or alternatively, reading the notice boards in both the Men’s and Ladies locker rooms in the Clubhouse whilst at the Resort.

We and the staff at Desert Springs are looking forward to seeing you on The Indiana course in the near future.

Kind Regards   Kind Regards

Simon Coaker
Director of Golf


Anthony Brooks
Golf Course Superintendent


For further information contact: Golf Reception
Telephone: +34  637 861 591