Golf Course Services


Dear Members / Property Owners,

As previously announced, through to 30th June, both the Golf Clubhouse Reception and Caddy Master Office close at 17.00 hrs.

We wish to inform you that from today through to 30th June 2013 we will have a dedicated Golf Marshal patrolling the Golf Course between the hours of 17:00 hrs. – 19:30 hrs.

The principal duties of the Marshal are to provide assistance to players where and when necessary, control the activity on the course, ensure that the ‘Pace of Play’ is maintained and to cater for those golfers that will be returning rental equipment; Golf buggies, electric trolleys, pull trolleys and rental sets at times when the Caddy Master Office is closed.

The Marshals are instructed to control the tickets of all golf players on the golf course and as such we ask you to please remember to check-in before your tee time and to keep your ticket with you during your round.

Between 1st July to 15th September 2013, when both the Golf Clubhouse Reception and Caddy Master Office close at 19.00 hrs. the Marshal will patrol the Golf Course from 18:30 hrs. -21:00 hrs.

In recent weeks, we have received a number of reports from members of families taking walks down the fairways during playing hours, persons walking dogs on and fouling the course, cyclists riding down cart tracks, persons extracting balls from water features and elsewhere, golfers using the course for practice, starting rounds elsewhere than on the first tee etc.

The problems this can cause are obvious: Starting with safety and the extreme risk involved in certain of these activities. There is also the gradual increase in disruption and prejudice to the golfing experience and from the point of view of the Club there is the subtle erosion of its control over its own major asset and its dedication and use for its intended purpose.

We are confident that the introduction of the Golf Marshal is going to greatly assist in the reduction of the aforementioned matters and contribute towards enhancing the enjoyment of each golfers experience on the Indiana course.


For further information contact: Martin Brännström
Tel: +34 637 861 591