Golf Course Superintendent Newsletter



APRIL 2023

Dear Member / Property Owner,

Following on from the last Golf Course Superintendent’s Newsletter, which was designed to keep you up to date with all the important maintenance procedures which were scheduled to take place on The Indiana Course, we are pleased to be able to give you an update on the works carried out and to inform you of the schedule of works which shall take place in the second quarter of 2023.


Cleaning of Desert Native Areas and Detailing of All Areas

Thanks to the continued investment in the maintenance department, with the addition of new 5 staff members we have been able to dedicate more resources to a very thorough cleaning and clearing of the desert native areas, restoring them to their original design and beauty.  Hole 17 is the perfect example of this. The hardpan areas are now free of unwanted weeds, brush and trees and have been rolled.  The dry creek along the entirety of the right- hand side of the hole has been restored and included into a weekly maintenance programme for control of weeds.  The hard line has been edged between rough and desert, sprinklers and bunkers edged, coloured stakes replaced with environmentally friendly recycled plastic stakes, and the yardage posts have been replaced with new ones.


The greens have undergone another flushing with the application of calcium and a micro-tinning. Salt levels have started to reduce, and the greens quality have visibly improved.  We have also started several programmes from applying bio stimulants, spoon feeding liquid fertilizer and beneficial microorganisms to weekly verticutting to eliminate excess organic material that can become unwanted thatch.

Spring Green-up

Spring is here and with it comes the warmer climate that the Paspalum needs to begin greening up in colour and is clearly noticeable throughout the golf course. This winter the paspalum was only in full dormancy in the rough areas, while the fairways and tees saw a partial dormancy where the green color never faded completely.  The fertilizer program of foliar feeding every two weeks has also begun for all these areas.


The roughs have had several cultural practices completed to help revive and prepare for the spring.  This includes aeration with a vertidrain that reaches depths of 15-20cm and solid tine aeration using 19mm wide tines to relieve unwanted compaction from buggy traffic.  Gypsum(calcium) and a wetting agent were also applied to help flush excess salts from the rootzone.  After analysing and confirming that the salt levels were acceptable the roughs were overseeded. To date holes 1,18,2,3,4,5,16,7,4 have been completed.


Cleaning of Desert Native Areas and Detailing of All Areas

Now that Hole 17 is finished, our goal over the next months is to do the exact same to every hole on the course. Next up is hole 16 then on to 5 and 6.


Greens will be flushed once more before the need for daily watering is upon us.  This will be the same process as previously mentioned, as will all the programmes.

Aeration of the greens is scheduled for May and will be completed using traditional methods with 15mm wide hollow core tines. Several root amendments will be applied, and the greens will be heavily top-dressed to ensure that each and every hole is completely filled.

2023 Greens Hollow Coring Dates

In the knowledge that all Property Owners and Members need to have as much notice as possible concerning particular aspects of the golf course maintenance schedule that may temporarily affect the playing conditions of the green’s surface, thus enabling them to plan particular holidays, accordingly, please see below the hollow coring dates in 2023.

Monday 15th, Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th May

You will be able to keep up to date with the full tournament and social calendar, format and any additions, information of how to enter, and much more, by visiting either our official website or by contacting the golf reception at Desert Springs.

We and the staff at Desert Springs are looking forward to seeing you on The Indiana course in the near future.

As always please remember to fix your ball marks and replace your divots.

Kind regards,

Zachary LaPorte

Golf Course Superintendent