Golf Course Superintendent Newsletter September





Dear Member / Property Owner,


Following on from the Golf Course Superintendent’s News Letter sent to you in August, which was designed to keep you up to date with all of the important maintenance procedures which were scheduled to take place on The Indiana Course, we are pleased to be able to give you an update on the works carried out and to inform you of the schedule of works which shall take place in September 2019.



New Putting Green


The new putting green continues to be grown in and is being cut almost daily at 4mm, which helps promote grass density. As expected, due to the very high temperatures, the rye grass surround quality has declined during the summer months. The rye grass will start to recover significantly once the night temperatures fall below 20’C.


Fairways Spiking and Sand Topdressing


The process of spiking and sand topdressing the fairways as part of the summer aeration program has been completed.


1st Tee Landscaping Work


The landscaping work around the first tee complex has continued with the addition of new rocks and the repair of the artificial rocks around the professional tee complex. The tee complexes have now been extensively cleared of both old and dead plant material so that the area can be assessed before the introduction of new plants in the Autumn.

Bermuda Grass Encroachment


The first application of a non-selective herbicide was applied to the 2nd green collar, 11th green collar, 15th green surround, 17th green collar and the 18th approach. These areas have, as they are supposed to, turned brown/white. Further applications will take place before new turf is transplanted in September.


Solid Tining Greens


The greens were solid tined as scheduled to help improved surface gas exchange and water movement during the summer months.



Annual Golf Course Overseeding Program


To improve the turf quality and density after the heat stress of the summer months, the maintenance program of overseeding and sand topdressing will commence on Tuesday 10th September on all rye grass areas of the golf course. During this time a local rule of ‘Preferred Lies’ will be introduced. Golf Reception staff will be updated with golf course conditions on a daily basis. The program will take two (2) weeks to complete.

Verti cutting and Sand Topdressing Tees


The tees will be verticut from Tuesday 3rd September and sand topdressed from Tuesday 10th September to help improve the playing surfaces of the tees.


Driving Range Tee


As a positive consequence of converting to Bermuda grass, the grass driving range tee has been open all summer. In preparation of the Bermuda grass winter dormancy period, the range tee will be verticut, topdressed and overseeded with ryegrass on Wednesday 11th September.


Bermuda Grass Encroachment


During the summer months warm season grasses flourish and encroach into the playing surfaces of the rye golf course. A second and third application of a non-selective herbicide will be used to control these grasses. These areas will be marked with stakes and deemed as ‘GUR’. New turf will be transplanted during the end of September.


Hollow/Solid Tining Greens


As previously advised, the greens will be verticut, solid tined and sand topdressed on Monday 9th September and the practice area closed on Wednesday 11th September to help complete the aeration process on schedule.


2020 Greens Hollow Coring Dates


In the knowledge that all Property Owners and Members need to have as much notice as possible concerning particular aspects of the golf course maintenance schedule that may temporarily affect the playing conditions of the green’s surface, thus enabling them to plan particular holidays accordingly, please see below the provisional hollow coring dates in 2020.


Tuesday 21st April                      May – TBC                     November – TBC


You will be able to keep up to date with the full tournament and social calendar, format and any additions, information of how to enter, and much more, by visiting either our official website or by contacting the golf reception at Desert Springs.


We and the staff at Desert Springs are looking forward to seeing you on The Indiana course in the near future.


Kind regards,                                                                              Kind regards,


Malcolm Lacey                                                                            Anthony Brooks

Golf Operations Manager                                                          Golf Course Superintendent