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Desert Springs is holding its fifth elections amongst members to choose a Vice-Captain and two members for each of the Club’s Handicap and Competitions Committees, for the period 1st April 2009 through to 31st March 2010. The closing date for all completed ‘Club Officials Election Nomination’ forms to be returned to the Club was 18.00 hrs, February 28th.

Simon Coaker, Director of Golf commented,

“In accepting their nomination, these Nominees confirm their willingness to represent fellow members and to build upon the foundations created by previous Club Officials for the benefit of all. We would take this opportunity to encourage all members to show their confidence in them.”

Where a person has been nominated more than once, we have only listed one of the nominations.

The following persons have accepted their nomination and secondment to be put forward for election to the office of:

Vice-Captain   Philip Martin Lockyer   Barry Carver   Freddie Beames
Handicap Committee   Kirby Garrod   Wikkie de Graaf   Gerald Tompkins
Handicap Committee   Paul Taylor   Helen Lavis   Wikkie de Graaf
Competitions Committee   Brian Chapman   Pauline Carver   Gerald Tompkins
Competitions Committee   No Nominations Received

A ‘Desert Springs Golf Club Officials Vote Form’ identifying all those persons put forward for election to each position has been sent to all members. They are also available at the Clubhouse reception and an e-mail vote form has been posted on our website in the Owners section at:

The qualification for voting is that all persons wishing to vote must be current members of the Desert Springs Golf Club.
All completed voting forms must be returned for the attention of The Club Secretary at Desert Springs by 18.00 hrs on March 31st by hand, e-mail or fax, but preferably not by post in view of the vagaries experienced. Once validated, the votes submitted will be counted and the names of the successful candidates elected for office by the membership along with the number of votes received will be announced.



For further information contact: Lina Rodriquez (Club Secretary)
Telephone: +34  627 435 343