Golf Trolley Storage Facility

We are pleased to announce that the newly constructed covered Golf Trolley Storage facility located at the caddy master’s office has now been completed.

Golf Operations Manager, Jose Ignacio Olea remarked:

“This storage facility is the immediate solution to the needs of those members and owners who want to store their trolleys at the caddy master’s, whilst they are on the Resort. The covering of the storage facility will provide protection to both manual and, more importantly, electric trolleys against the weather and should increase their useful lives.”

At the 21st October meeting of the Club Committee, conditions for storage of trolleys were discussed and it was unanimously agreed that a fee should be charged to reflect the service offered and to avoid unnecessary long term usage blocking up spaces available for short term use.

The storage fee as well as the possibility of whether it should be on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis was discussed by the Committee and it was agreed that a once a year only storage fee be introduced.

The service is to be restricted to Members and Property Owners only at Desert Springs and the storage fee has been set at 45 Euros per trolley, whether electric or manual. The Club has agreed that no storage fee will be charged for the remaining period of this year.

Those Members and Property Owners wishing to make use of the facility need only visit the golf reception in the Clubhouse and register their details, where they will be requested to sign a disclaimer concerning the liability and insurance of the trolley which is not covered at the storage facility. Thereafter their trolley can be stored appropriately.

For those members that register their details at reception, the annual storage fee will be added to their 2011 Golf Club Membership Annual Subscription Fee due in January 2011. For Owners who are non-members then an invoice will be presented in January 2011.

We wish to encourage that the facility be used whilst a Member or Owner is on the Resort for storage. Available spaces could rapidly become blocked if trolleys of Members or Owners absent from the Resort for long periods are left in the facility; if this happens the system and charging may need to be reviewed.



For further information contact: Golf Reception
Telephone: +34 637 861 591