Hole 15 Remodeling

As previously advised, the Club had undertaken a study of golf ball activity on the right hand side of Hole 15, taking account of the numbers of players and the seasonal winds, and its intention to introduce further enhancements to be made to the hole to improve its playability for all standards of golfer. The Club now wishes to let you know of the schedule of works to take place.

Green Modification:

A redesign of the present green has been completed.

The existing green shall remain, however it will be extended and enlarged towards the lake and stream with a new bunker being introduced to the right of the newly extended area. As a result of the redesign, the distance of the shot from the fairway to the green will decrease, making for a more considered and accurate shot to clear the lake onto the green. Furthermore, as a consequence of this extended area of green being sighted further to the left, embracing the stream, it will detract from miss hit shots travelling towards the out of bounds.

On 31st October 2012, a new temporary green will be open for daily play on the fairway side of the lake.

At this time work will commence on construction of the newly extended green with a scheduled completion date of 26th November.

The newly extended green will require 8 weeks ‘Grow-In’ time to establish itself and therefore, subject to weather conditions, the scheduled date of re-opening the green is 1st February 2013.

Mens’ Tee:

The new Mens’ Tee of the day was temporarily located on the back of the former Ladies Tee, shortening the hole by a distance of 27 metres. This did reduce the distance required of the players’ second shot to clear the lake should they decide to go for the green. In turn it was hoped that this would reduce the number of miss-hit shots being lost to the right hand side out of bounds area, however it has proven not to be the case. As such the Men’s Tee of the day has been relocated back to its original position.

Ladies Tee:

A new Ladies Tee will be introduced to the right hand side of the present Ladies tee, slightly elevated within the rocky outcrop. This new Tee will be designed to focus the tee shot further to the left hand side of the fairway, again reducing the number of miss hit shots lost to the right hand side out of bounds areas.

Boundary Planting:

Additional planting is to be introduced along the right hand side of the fairway and allowed to mature over time. These plants will provide cover from errant shots hit towards the out of bounds.

Commencement of the works for the ‘Ladies Tee’ and ‘Boundary Planting’ will be deferred until completion of the remodelling work to the green.

We shall keep you up to date with the progress of the schedule of works; as always disruption to play will be kept to an absolute minimum and we ask you to please be patient.

For more information please contact: José Ignacio Olea
Tel: 00 34 670 613 900
E-mail: jioz@almanzora.com