Hole 15 Remodeling


As mentioned previously, the golf course and its landscaping are designed for enjoyable play whilst at the same time discouraging golfers hitting balls that may end up within private property. The Club constantly reviews what it can do to improve play and performance, using small changes in landscaping and course details to achieve this. 

In March 2007, however, the Club embarked on a more extensive program of remodeling Hole 15, to ensure that changes that would eventually be needed in connection with the construction of the second 18 (unfortunately still at some indeterminate time in the future see * below) were made before completion of most of the adjoining properties. The program of works was extensive and comprised the relocation of the cart track, widening of the fairway to include four new bunkers, the introduction of a new wadi and landscaping to the right hand side of the fairway and above all the formation of a lake within the ‘desert hard pan crossing’ of the green approach. 

A study of golf ball activity on the right hand side of Hole 15, taking account of the numbers of players and the seasonal winds, confirmed that the lake feature should be complimented by mature washingtonia palm trees to both improve the players focus from tee to fairway and fairway to green and deflect badly hit shots travelling towards the out of bounds.  The landscape design has always contemplated the provision of a lusher palm based landscape down in this the lower part of the resort nearer the larger lake, as can be seen from previous plantings in the area from the 17th through to the Clubhouse. 

The Club now wishes to let you know of further enhancements to be made to the hole to improve its playability for all standards of golfer.  

Men’s’ Tee: The new Men’s’ Tee of the day will be temporarily located on the back of the former Ladies Tee, shortening the hole by a distance of 27 metres. This will reduce the distance required of the players’ second shot to clear the lake should they decide to go for the green. In turn this will reduce the number of miss-hit shots being lost to the right hand out of bounds area. 

Ladies Tee: A new Ladies Tee will be introduced to the right hand side of the present Ladies tee, slightly elevated within the rocky outcrop. This new Tee will be designed to focus the tee shot further to the left hand side of the fairway, again reducing the number of miss hit shots lost to the right hand side out of bounds areas. 

Green: A redesign of the present green is currently being completed. The green will be extended and enlarged towards the lake. As a result of the redesign the distance of the shot from fairway to the green will decrease, making for a more considered and accurate, altogether less furious, shot to clear the lake onto the green. 

Boundary Planting: Additional planting is to be introduced along the right hand side of the fairway and allowed to mature over time. These plants will provide cover from errant shots hit towards the out of bounds. 

These improvements will not only improve the appearance of the course at this point, making it richer and more in keeping with the lakeside environment, but they will also effectively enhance enjoyment of the course for golfers by encouraging them to play the better shot and incur fewer penalties for going out of bounds and losing balls. 

We shall advise you of when the schedule of works, which are to commence shortly; as always disruption to play will be kept to an absolute minimum. 

* Note that work on the second golf course is scheduled to commence once the first golf course reaches 50% capacity, unfortunately a prospect that is going back in time right now!

For further information contact: José Ignacio Olea

Tel: +34 670 613 900

E-mail: jioz@almanzora.com