La Herrería Ryder cup

On Friday 10th October 12 members from La Herrería Golf Club arrived to the resort to compete against 12 members of Desert Springs Golf Club in this, the third Desert Springs Ryder Cup!

The tournament commenced on Saturday 11th with 6 matches played in Fourball better-ball format and concluded on Sunday 12th with 12 singles matches. A total of 18 points were available and after the defeat in 2007 of the Desert Springs team away to La Herrería, bringing the running total to one victory for each club, a score of 9 1/2 points was required to ensure that Desert Springs reclaimed the honor of being the victor.

When both teams met on Friday evening for the welcome cocktail, Desert Springs Vice-Captain, Barry Carver ended his welcome to the team members from La Herrería with the statement that when all matches were concluded, that he was confident that the team of Desert Springs would be victorious!

Come Saturday afternoon, the team scores reflected 4 points to Desert Springs and 2 points to La Herrería!

With both team Captains having to hand in their players running order for the following days single matches, the Captain of La Herrería decided to change nothing from the previous days play, confident that his team would come from behind to successfully defend the title.

That evening saw the members of both teams attend and enjoy the ‘Mezzo Soprano Evening’ performed by Susan Moretta.

The following morning and the players were back to business. Desert Springs target was to achieve 5 1/2 points to regain the title, whilst La Herrería needed 7 points to retain it!

After 10 single matches had been completed La Herrería had managed to tie the score.

It all came down to the last match being played. Stood on the 18th tee, Desert Springs and La Herrería were all square. Desert Springs team member Brendan Sheehan was up for the challenge and with the weight of the occasion on his shoulders, he stood firm and after a great tee shot, followed by a second shot to the green, the hole was conceded by his opponent, resulting in a final score of 10 points to 8 in favor of Desert Springs, securing the victory for Desert Springs!

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