La Ribina Open Land Day

Open Land Day At La Ribina

As previously announced, Desert Springs S.L. has released 16 building parcels for sale from its separate landholding at La Ribina, just by the western boundary of the resort, with easy access both to the resort and to the road from Vera to Las Cunas.

On Saturday 31st October from 14.00hs – 18.00hrs an ‘Open Land Day’ will be held at La Ribina to allow those interested to join the sales team to enjoy some paella and sangria and view the parcels available for purchase.

The building parcels at La Ribina are unique as they are the only ones for sale in the immediate vicinity of Desert Springs. The parcels range in size from 705 sq m to 1,322 sq m and are available at prices starting at 125,000.00 € (excluding VAT at 16 per cent) with verifiable planning consent and building conditions, secondary infrastructure services in place at the boundary of each parcel and direct access to all facilities at Desert Springs.

Resort Non-Resident Membership at Desert Springs, free of joining fees, for the purchaser of each parcel or his nominee, is included by the company. This in turn includes the right to nominate an additional Partner and a Junior Non-Resident and Partner Member, also free of Joining Fees. The whole golf package has a current value of approximately 32,000.00 €

Almanzora Bay Group, Sales and Marketing Manager, Simon Coaker, said:

“The Open Land Day provides an opportunity for those interested in either building a property to their own bespoke design, whilst at the same time benefiting from the link to Desert Springs, or wanting the best possible returns on investment to view the building parcels available for sale and meet with our sales team to discuss in greater depth the benefits of this exclusive and unique opportunity.”

The Sales Brochure can be seen and/or downloaded from our website by clicking here

To register your attendance to the Open Land Day please contact one of our Sales Team personally



For further information contact: The Sales Team
Telephone: +34 950 467 104